Betting Football Based on Late Breaking News

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Betting football is a great challenge and to keep up with everything you must keep track of late breaking news.

Part of the challenge in betting football is staying up to date and not getting caught unaware in college or NFL betting. Late breaking news does exist and it does tend to have an effect on the odds.

Betting football based on late breaking news is one way for a gambler to get an edge against the college and NFL betting odds. Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you hear that a team has picked up the flu before this weekend’s game and it is having a definite effect on the team. If you find out this news you have to be quick because the college and NFL betting odds will move.  On a late breaking sports news story, you must move fast and immediately because the college and NFL betting odds are constantly moving and sportsbooks are also on the lookout for late breaking news.

The main area that has gotten publicity in recent years and moved the betting football odds is injuries. Late breaking injuries seem to move the betting football odds a great deal. You might have a player that was questionable being upgraded to probable or downgraded to out. It is these late breaking injury reports that really can affect the betting football odds.

Late breaking sports news is important but it is also just as important for a gambler not overreact to it. It seems that every single time a major injury comes out that the betting football odds move violently because of it. What gamblers fail to realize when it comes to injuries is that everyone overreacts. What you often find in these situations is that a team plays very hard to overcome the missing player. It is this one fact that is very often overlooked in the football betting odds. There is absolutely no doubt that the public is going to bet against the injured team. That could present some value on them if you can get extra points when betting football.

The bottom line on late breaking news is that you can’t get too carried away by it when betting football. You might actually be better off just looking to play a middle when betting football. Get the number before it moves and then after the public has jumped all over the game, bet the other side.

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