Betting 2010 Superbowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl odds are about betting the favorite or the underdog. That is really what Superbowl betting comes down to for most people.

Sure, you do have the total and the money line and the propositions, but most people bet either the favorite or the dog in terms of Superbowl odds.

Superbowl odds can be all about betting the favorite for most people. The public has a definite affection for laying the points, regardless of what sport it is.  Most bettors will convince themselves of anything in order to bet on the better team. That means laying the points.  The public support for favorites far outweighs the support for dogs and that applies to Superbowl betting perhaps more so than anything else. If so many people are betting the favorite then why is the betting line not moving a lot in Superbowl odds?  A lot of the time it is the professionals that bet the underdogs in Superbowl odds.  If you ask any wise guy where the value usually is in Superbowl betting they will say with the underdog.

You might think that since the value is with the underdog that you should take the points in Superbowl odds.  Well, sometimes you should but it is not a guarantee.  In fact, in Superbowl betting history it is almost 50-50 in terms of favorites vs. underdogs.  During the regular season the underdogs do better but in a one game setting anything can happen. If the public likes the favorite that means the line is shaded that way but in Superbowl odds it oftentimes doesn’t matter.  What can happen in the Super Bowl if you like the underdog is that they also win the game.  That makes the money line a good shot in the game. It didn’t work last year with Arizona but it has done pretty well in the past. Many times people fail to consider the motivation factor of the pointspread. When one team is clearly better than the other, the point spread is indicative of that fact. 

You can bet a lot of things in the Super Bowl but for the most part people just look at the side. That has changed a little bit in the past decade since props, halftimes, quarters, money lines, etc. have gotten more popular.  Online sportsbooks have made it so much easier to wager on anything when it comes to the Super Bowl.