Bet Super Bowl Pointspreads

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Bet Super Bowl pointspreads this season on the most anticipated game of the year.

Keep in mind that the final Super Bowl betting line that you see posted on the board is comprised of numerous key ingredients that all come together for the final product. Let’s take a look at those different ingredients and their significance to gamblers that bet Super Bowl odds.

Bet Super Bowl lines are not based on pure and precise merit but are, instead, based on public perception. There might even be cases where the wrong team is favored. That doesn’t happen as often with Super Bowl betting odds as it does during the regular season, but it can happen. It happens because of the oddsmaker’s read of the betting public and how they perceive both the favorite and the dog. And if the favorite is perceived by the bet Super Bowl public to be significantly better, and it is known that the betting public is going to line up to take the favorite, the oddsmakers are not just going to lie there and give it away for free. They will charge the maximum price, what the market will bear, for the public to take the favorite to bet Super Bowl.

By the same token, the underdog is getting points in bet Super Bowl odds, not because of merit and pure relative ability of the teams but because the public is likely to believe that they are not as good as the favorite. Much of this may be to recent performance either of prior seasons or games, but also be based on such bet Super Bowl factors as media publicity/hype, or home field. The Super Bowl betting hype is like nothing during the season. The favorite gets talked about far more than the underdog when it comes to bet Super Bowl odds. This almost always means they are laying more points than they should when they bet Super Bowl.

The pointspread is also not as important as you might think as you bet Super Bowl. The winner almost always covers the Super Bowl betting pointspread. Pick the winner and you almost always get paid as you bet Super Bowl lines.

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