Bet Super Bowl Opposites

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Bet Super Bowl odds give you a great chance to go against the grain.

To succeed when you bet Super Bowl odds, you might want to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. The fancier term for this is “Contrarian.” And you will find that the best and most successful professional gamblers do it all the time, even with Super Bowl betting.

Bet Super Bowl contrarian means that you have to completely “flip” in your mentality towards Super Bowl betting odds. Most gamblers look at the bet Super Bowl odds with a gambler’s mindset. They think like gamblers, and bet like gamblers. And most of these people lose like gamblers as they bet Super Bowl odds because they are not willing to think about the games and the value.

When you think and bet Super Bowl odds like a gambler, you will pay a gambler’s price, which means that you will not be getting consistent value. Many times you will be betting on the same side with the masses, and betting in a typical fashion. You might want to consider doing the opposite as you bet Super Bowl odds.

In order to win in the long run you must flip over and do the opposite of what everyone else does when they bet Super Bowl odds. Once you flip over to an oddsmaker’s mentality, however, you will soon be able to read the true and hidden meanings of the Super Bowl betting lines and better evaluate value on the board. You will see where the public is making the value flow the opposite way, and you will begin getting extra points on your bet Super Bowl wagers.

That does not mean you will win every time going against the public in Super Bowl betting. You won’t. But you should win more often than you lose when you bet Super Bowl odds and that is the goal. It is not easy though as you bet Super Bowl lines. Bucking the unbeaten Patriots wasn’t easy in last year’s Super Bowl betting, but it definitely worked out well.

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