The Bet Super Bowl Challenge

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Bet Super Bowl odds are not as easy to beat as you might believe.

The art of beating the football betting spread is a huge challenge and that applies to Super Bowl betting as well. That is not to say it can’t be done though.

Bet Super Bowl lines almost always have the favorite laying too many points. Gamblers love to bet the favorite when they bet Super Bowl odds and oddsmakers know this. If a team is favored by far too many points than is rightly justified, it often isn’t enough to avoid that team. A gambler should consider the next step and actually go against that team in Super Bowl betting.

The same holds true for Super Bowl betting totals. The over is almost always wagered on by those that bet Super Bowl totals. The oddsmakers know this as well so they put up a higher than normal total. This means you have value if you bet Super Bowl totals under. That has definitely been the case in Super Bowl betting recently, as the last four Super Bowls have all gone under.

You must remember when you bet Super Bowl odds that it is important to think differently than the mainstream gambling public. You want to think like an oddsmaker as you bet Super Bowl games. That is how you get value and win money in the long term when you bet Super Bowl odds. When the public falls all over themselves to get on one side of a game, it is the best time for the smart gambler to react with opposition. Not only will the one-sided action drive the price of the game up in terms of bet Super Bowl odds, you will actually be getting excellent value.

Along those same lines the gambler would be wise to listen to the “word on the street.” That way you will know what public perception is regarding the bet Super Bowl line and you can go against the “conventional wisdom.” The more a gambler knows how to do this the more he will find value in bet Super Bowl action.

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