Bet on Super Bowl Variety

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Bet on Super Bowl variety as you look at Super Bowl betting odds this season.

Betting on the Super Bowl is something totally unique, and something that involves more than just betting on who will win the game. You have a huge number of options to consider when you bet on Super Bowl action.

Bet on Super Bowl choices begin with the traditional side or total wager. The variety continues with the numerous Super Bowl propositions. If you want to make a side or total wager that is pretty self explanatory, but you might want to bet the money line, or you might want to bet a proposition as you bet on Super Bowl lines. What exactly is a Super Bowl proposition, or commonly known as a “prop?” A bet on Super Bowl prop wager is a bet on something that will happen during the game, or in the case of the coin flip, before the game.

Some common props are how many completions a certain quarterback will have or how many sacks each team will get or how many field goals will be kicked in the game. Proposition wagering on the Super Bowl has grown by leaps and bounds the past few years and many bettors concentrate more on the props than on the game itself when they bet on Super Bowl games.

Let’s say you want to play the money line as you bet on Super Bowl odds. That bet on Super Bowl wager is usually popular for those bettors that like the underdog. The bettors feel that if the dog is to cover, they will probably win. Very often that theory has proven to be correct including last year when the Giants shocked the Patriots as huge Super Bowl betting underdogs. Bettors often like to take the pointspread out of the equation when they bet on Super Bowl odds. The bettors that like the favorite are far less likely to bet the money line, preferring to lay the points instead when they bet on Super Bowl action. Nearly every Super Bowl has seen more money bet on the favorite than the underdog. In addition to betting the favorite with their bet on Super Bowl wagers, the public almost always bets the game to go over the total.

A normal Super Bowl betting line will always be tilted toward the favorite and the over. This fact alone should point the astute bettor toward the underdog and the under, but it has to be remembered that the Super Bowl is just one game, and anything can happen in Super Bowl betting.

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