Bet on NFL Games

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet on NFL lines are oftentimes set based on public perception. That public perception comes from many different sources and reactions.

If you are getting involved in NFL betting you should know that the odds are made based on many different factors but nothing is as important as what the public thinks.

Bet on NFL lines are not always what they appear. First, there is the general perception of the two teams involved in a game. Teams with stellar championship credentials such as Pittsburgh and New England will carry with them something of a “tax” against the weaker teams as the oddsmakers will know that the public will be hesitant to take a lesser team, even with extra points as they bet on NFL games.

That is why you see large pointspreads sometimes in NFL betting. Along those same lines, traditionally weak teams such as Arizona and Detroit may get a bit of “love” early from the masses, as they are often touted early in the preseason as ready to break out but in the end they stumble out of the gate and quickly lose favor with the public that is going to bet on NFL games. In fact, your weaker teams towards the end of the season are actually value-added teams that are getting better lines than they should be because of public perception among gamblers that bet on NFL games.

Also remember that last week’s results can have a tremendous amount of influence on the NFL betting lines as the public and the media will overreact to bizarre outcomes. We always remember what happened last as we bet on NFL games. Also remember that injuries are a huge part of NFL betting.  Sometimes they are so much a part of the betting line that gamblers overreact as they bet on NFL games. Often times the “injured” team turns out to be the more valuable team as they will be getting more points than warranted as a result of the injury and the overreaction by gamblers that bet on NFL games. Then there is the media itself, and with the 24 hour cable sports channels, sports talk radio, and the Internet. There has never been more information available to gamblers that bet on NFL games, but also there has never been as much garbage to sift through as well. And you will find that the more something is hyped, the less valuable that it is as you bet on NFL action.

As you bet on NFL games this season, try not to overreact to anything. The odds are made for a reason and rarely will something be a sure thing.

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