Bet on Football Underdogs

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet on football underdogs if you want a better chance of making money.

Sportsbooks make their money when favorites do poorly, and that is very true when it comes to NFL odds. Nearly every sportsbook will say that if the underdog wins, they make money from gamblers that bet on NFL action.

Bet on football gamblers don’t like to bet underdogs. Favorites on the other hand are no problem. We all can find teams we like to win the game, but it is that little thing called the pointspread as part of the betting odds that makes it that much tougher. Finding underdogs we think have a chance against the betting odds is another story when we bet on football. Sportsbooks are well aware of our tendency to bet the favorite and they make us pay a premium price to do so.

How often are underdogs actually profitable as you bet on NFL action? Let’s take a look. Over a 20-year period from 1984 to 2004 there were only four times the favorites finished higher than 50% against the number for gamblers that bet on football. Sometimes when you bet on football action there will be seasons where the favorites hold their own. Other seasons will be poor for favorites. The big thing to remember as you bet on football is that when the favorites cover the pointspread, sportsbooks are probably going to lose money. When the underdog covers the sportsbooks are probably going to win money and gamblers that bet on football will lose. It is not a given that favorites will always lose when you bet on NFL games though. 2005 was a big year for favorites in the NFL and the sportsbooks lost money while the public bettor that bet on football won money. Other seasons have been good for the underdogs and those gamblers that bet on football who took the points.

It is not easy to bet on football underdogs but you need to learn to do it. It might not be pretty to be on Detroit when you bet on NFL games but there may be times it is profitable. You might not like to bet against the Patriots as you bet on football but you might have to do it. Taking the inferior team plus the points as you bet on football is never easy but it can oftentimes be profitable.

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