Bet on Football after Training Camp

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

To bet on football effectively one must be very comfortable with betting football on the different starting quarterbacks on each team, as quarterbacks are generally recognized as the most important players on the field.

Consequently, when teams go into training camp unsure about which quarterback will be the starter, gamblers who bet on football should always pay attention to the quarterback competition because it will have a large impact on how they bet on football throughout the season. Additionally, the simple fact that a team needs a preseason quarterback competition is generally regarded as a bad sign by those who bet on football.

To bet on football without considerable knowledge about a team’s starting quarterback is an unwise way of betting football. Quarterbacks are the field generals and a quarterback can single-handedly influence how people bet on football. It is therefore extremely important for gamblers who bet on football to follow the preseason quarterback competitions that several teams endure every season. By following these competitions you will be able to make informed predictions about which passer will be starting in Week 1, which should directly influence the way you bet on football. For instance, if a quarterback competition remains close then that is probably an indication that none of the quarterbacks are really standing out, meaning betting football on the team will doubtfully be very promising. However, as you consider the implications of these competitions on betting football you must remember that the final decision will be influenced by a variety of factors. For example, if a rookie beats out a veteran for the starting job then that may not necessarily indicate that the rookie is better, but rather that the team simply thinks the rookie is ready to gain some real NFL action. Consequently, when you bet on football with this team you should not necessarily expect the rookie to play extremely well.

Regardless of how a team’s preseason quarterback competition is resolved, one analysis that can almost always be made about such situations is that they are not positive indications about a team’s potential. Those who have bet on football for many years know that the best teams are virtually always led by talented quarterbacks whose hold on their teams’ number one positions would never be questioned. In other words, if a team does not have a clear quarterback then it likely does not have any extremely skilled quarterbacks. Furthermore, as you bet on football you must keep in mind that quarterback competitions can often divide locker rooms as each quarterback is supported by different teammates. Gamblers who bet on football know that such a division can be very damaging to a team’s season.