Bet NFL Football for Value

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet NFL football at a sportsbook for value. You want better lines and odds than what is actually merited as you bet NFL football games.

When you bet NFL football, there are ways to ascertain value on the board, which is far more important than actual expertise about the NFL. Let’s look at value in terms of NFL betting.

Bet NFL football value begins by analyzing the betting lines. A good way to assess value when you bet NFL football is to look at teams and games as if they are stocks on the commodities market. Just as is the case with stocks, teams will rise and fall in value, based on consumer demand. You will find that teams are often at their least valuable when they are playing well, because more gamblers want action with them in NFL betting. You will also find that teams are often more valuable when they are not playing well, because fewer gamblers want to risk money on them when they bet NFL football. For example, you are rarely going to find any value on a team in NFL betting if they are on a winning streak. You must remember that unlike baseball, which is a money line sport, football has pointspreads.  Teams can go on winning streaks straight up but not cover the spread. The New England Patriots have done this many times.  Remember that the odds will go up as perception of a team goes up in NFL betting.

As you bet NFL football you will sometimes find yourself looking at teams that you just don’t think can lose. Maybe they will win, but will they cover the pointspread? That is the real question to ask as you bet NFL football.  Even the worst teams in the league can cover the spread and that is why you must be very cautious about blindly taking favorites as you bet NFL football.  History has shown that underdogs are usually the way to go as you bet NFL football because that is where the value is. And that is what you want when you bet NFL football games.

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