Bet Football Wager Amounts

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet football wager amounts are totally up to you, and how much you bet on a game in NFL football betting should be determined by the size of your bankroll.

As you bet football you might even want to keep all of your wagers the same. Another factor that determines the amount you might want to wager is the strenght of the bet. Nevertheless, we will give you some facts you should go by before you determine the amount of your wagers

Bet football wagers for most gamblers are set by how much they have in their wallet. The professional gambler though is setting his NFL football betting wagers based on his bankroll. Gamblers that bet football are usually trying to win money. That means they are realistic. When you evaluate a bet football wager amount you should scale back your expectations to that of a tough minded gambler that is realistic about the challenges being faced in NFL football betting. As far as the various wager amounts to consider as you bet football it will vary from what types of wagers that you are looking at as well as the strength and value of your potential wager.

Pointspread sides and over/under totals should really never exceed five percent of your bankroll and should generally be between two and three-percent as you bet football. This is sometimes tough for gamblers but keep your wagers as a small percentage of your bankroll. Money line wagers should be the same and you should exercise extreme caution with heavy favorites, as one loss can set you so far back that you may never recover as you bet football.

Parlays and teasers are fun in NFL football betting but they should only be a small part of your overall wagering. Futures should be wagered on in the same way as you bet football. They should only be small wagers in terms of your overall bankroll as you bet football.

The bottom line with wager amounts as you bet football is that they should be smaller than what you would like. Most gamblers want to bet far more than they should. It is human nature. If you want to win money though, you must keep your wager amounts in tune with your overall bankroll.