Bet Football Online Round Robins

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

To bet on football with parlays is extremely common and parlays are even the primary form of football betting online embraced by many gamblers.

One strategy to bet on football parlays in an entertaining way is to create round robins from your parlays. Round robins are actually a simple way to bet on football but they can help to significantly improve your online betting experience if you are a fan of parlays.

A bet on football with a round robin is just like a bet on football with a parlay, with a little more involved. Betting with round robins involves taking numerous plays and placing them into a variety of possible parlay combinations. For example, if you are betting with three plays, then those three plays can be divided into three distinct two-team parlays. In other words, when you bet on football with a round robin you are able to create numerous unique parlays from a range of plays in which you see football betting online value. By creating several unique parlays you are able to spread your risk among numerous plays rather than having one big parlay that can be totally lost with any one loss.

Round robins are fairly popular because enthusiasts of football betting online realize that it is logical to bet on football with a range of winning options, as opposed to just one big play. In fact, some bettors who previously bet on football with simple parlays now divide those parlays into smaller round robins in order to increase their chances of winning. Also, it should be mentioned that you can bet on football with round robins involving more than two plays each, thereby giving you the freedom to choose the round robin that is most appropriate for the plays you have selected.

Just like when you bet on football with normal parlays, when you bet on football with round robins the key is to only include plays that you would feel comfortable wagering on as straight bets. If a football betting online match up does not present enough value to attract action as a straight bet, then it is probably best to avoid putting the match up into a round robin. Many fans who bet on football also like to wager on other sports, and round robins can combine football bets with bets on other sports, just as normal parlays do.