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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet football online action is the greatest on the marquee games and the nationally televised games.

The NFL has been showing prime-time games since the 1970’s and that exposure has increased through the years, especially since ESPN got involved. Now Sunday and Monday Night Football are events all unto themselves for gamblers that bet football online. Let’s look at the key games in NFL betting.

Bet football online results are oftentimes determined by the Sunday and Monday night games. These games are a tradition among gamblers that bet football online. Sportsbooks in Nevada and around the world have reported that the primetime games generate more interest, more revenue, and a separate feeling. Usually when we are talking about NFL betting we can usually assume that the public will be betting the favorite and the over. This is even truer on Sunday and Monday night games. The oddsmakers shade both the favorite and the over a little bit more on these key NFL betting games. Very often the public will bet the favorite and the over, while the wise guys will take the underdog and the under as they bet football online.  That is a great situation for the sportsbook because they get good action on both sides. What we also want to remember when talking about Sunday and Monday night games is that many parlays and teaser players need this last game to complete a win as they bet football online. That is another reason the favorite and the over is so popular on these two games in NFL betting. 

The Sunday Night game really can be just as important to the sportsbook and to gamblers that bet football online as the one on Monday. The game has turned into a bail out game for many gamblers that bet football online. It is a dangerous game for the sportsbooks and they are well aware of this fact.  Most sportsbooks in Las Vegas and around the world will tell you that the Monday game is the most important game of the week when talking about the bottom line. Most sportsbooks take in more than four times the amount of money from gamblers that bet football online on the Monday night game that they would on a regular Sunday NFL game. This does put the books at a little risk sometimes, but very often they have such a high volume on the game that they usually do very well with gamblers that bet football online.

Sunday and Monday Night games are prime-time events and they are a big key to the outcome of the betting week for both gamblers that bet football online and the sportsbooks.

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