Beneath the Surface of NFL Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting is usually only seen at face or surface value. The oddsmakers are fully aware of this and set the football betting online odds in direct proportion to public perception.

If the public thinks that the New England Patriots should be favored over the Pittsburgh Steelers, the oddsmakers will reflect that perception as NFL betting, like all other enterprises, is a consumer driven business.

NFL betting has a lot of depth to it. How do you go about beating the NFL betting odds?  You don’t necessarily need to be studying eighteen hours per day on the NFL. Rather, you just need to know how to adjust to the public’s perception and know how to both read it and bet against it in football betting online action.

If the defending Super Bowl champs host the Detroit Lions, for example, the public is going to consider that a mismatch in football betting online action. We all know that. But the NFL betting oddsmakers, in order to prevent a mob of gamblers looking for easy money will, in essence, jack the price up on the Super Bowl champs in order to try and scare off the mob, and in fact set a trap. One of the great ironies about NFL betting is that the public often perceives favorites to be a value. The higher the line is in the game, the more that the NFL betting public perceives that the game is a mismatch. In essence, the NFL betting oddsmakers set the trap by making the favorite fit into the masses perception of the game.

The same holds true for NFL betting totals. When you have two powerhouse defensive teams meeting, you will have the perception of a certain low scoring game. The NFL betting oddsmakers, in fact, will make the total so low that the public actually thinks that it isn’t low enough. They will think, “This total is only 33 so that must mean that the oddsmakers think it will be in the twenties.” Again, the public often outsmarts itself with this line of thinking with football betting online odds.

Looking beneath the surface of NFL betting is to understand how the masses think and how they will react, and then bet against them and on the side of the oddsmakers, who know all of the NFL betting stereotypes and set the lines to fit those beliefs.

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