Beating the Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

A real football odds expert committed to winning money versus NFL football odds disciplines him to play only the high percentage top shelf type of games.

Football odds can be beaten if you do things right. Before the football gambling season even begins you should first ask yourself an honest question and that is “Why are you betting college and NFL football odds?” Football odds success is a lot more likely if you have a plan.

Are you a guy that just likes “action” and the rush of having some money on one of the games on TV? If that is so, that is cool, but just don’t expect to win a lot of money versus the football odds. Are you a guy that likes to tinker around with different systems and theories, a straight pure handicapper of football odds? That is good as well, but again, you won’t succeed in the long run when betting football odds. Are you a football geek and expert that know all of the players, backups, coaches and assistants and thinks that such knowledge will ultimately lead you towards success versus the football odds? That’s a nice thought, but it isn’t quite enough to really succeed versus college and NFL football odds.

While there is no real incorrect answer as to the motivations regarding a player and his football gambling there is but one answer that will work as far as if you are actually trying to make money versus college and NFL football odds. The answer is exactly that. You are trying to make money versus the football odds. Once you have that answer you can get ready to find ways to make it happen versus the football odds.

The guys that play for “action” or “thrills” are, in essence, playing for what they want versus the football odds. It isn’t profit that motivates them; it is action versus football odds. If you are playing for profit you will quickly learn to do all that is necessary to protect your bankroll from needless risk and to have the nerve to think independently and stand alone. That is why you must ask yourself what your goals are versus football odds before the football season begins.

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