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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet NFL football wagering for most people begins with sides and totals. This is where a gambler is either laying points with the favorite in NFL betting or taking points with the underdog.

That is the first option to consider as you bet NFL football but not the only one. Bet NFL football choices also include money lines, over/under totals, halves, parlays, teasers, futures and props. Regardless of how you bet NFL football there are some basic principles to keep in mind in order to succeed at NFL betting. First, when you are looking over the lines and are ready to bet NFL football you should look for value and that means looking where the rest of the gambling community will not.

A common mistake made by most gamblers is that they have no concept of betting value and therefore continually take the power teams, especially in the role of home favorite as they bet NFL football. The problem with this approach is that the oddsmakers are fully aware of gamblers desire to take the home chalks and jack the prices up as a result, which makes it harder to make money as you bet NFL football.

Keep in mind that the house charges gamblers ten-percent for each wager made so in order to break even you must hit .523 of your selections. As you can see, before you even bet NFL football, the house has an edge. With that in mind you simply cannot add to your handicap by wagering on plays in which you are getting less than full value in NFL betting.

Another important principle is for a gambler to narrow down his list of plays to a bare minimum at all times, and to cut any and all plays that are even remotely close to marginal as you bet NFL football. With that in mind, to succeed when you bet NFL football you cannot get hooked on playing every televised game, as there are simply too many of them and they rarely offer any value.

The best way to succeed as you bet NFL football is to follow your own instincts, especially in the face of conventional wisdom.  The more you think for yourself the better your chances of success will be in NFL betting.

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