Avoiding Losses When You Bet Football

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet football losses are going to occur no matter how good you are at making football bets.

The overwhelming majority of gamblers that bet football do not win money. The reasons that people lose money when they bet football are seemingly endless but there are a few that stand out.

Bet football losses begin because gamblers don’t have a plan of attack. The typical gambler that makes football bets has no vision for the long term. To the typical gambler, vision is nothing more than the present and trying to get past the game that they are betting on. Without this vision, these gamblers wager in a reactive rather than proactive style as they bet football. If you want to win money when you bet football you must have a plan.

Another reason that gamblers lose money when they bet football is that they play too many games. The typical gambler that makes football bets plays too many games and you can’t make money by wagering on a laundry list of action.

The typical gambler that makes football bets has a money management plan that is basically wagering with whatever is in his wallet, with no concept of proper asset allocation, loss limits and how to handle his profits and wins. Losing players also have wild fluctuations as far as wagering amounts, with no rhyme, reason, or sense as to what they do when they bet football. They will bet anywhere from $25 to $500 as they bet football.

Gamblers that lose when they bet football oftentimes suffer from hype syndrome. Anything that the media and the public are hyping becomes gospel to gamblers. And with that lack of original thought comes a lack of value on the board, as you will never get a good price when you bet football by following the herd. Losing players also change their style and the way that they assess games. If they have a losing day they will immediately scrap whatever it was that they were doing as far as methodology, continually setting themselves behind rather than allowing events to naturally even out.

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