August 9th and NFL Preseason Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason betting kicks off in 2009 with the Hall of Fame game on August 9th as the Buffalo Bills face the Tennessee Titans.

This game is not part of the first week of the NFL preseason betting schedule.  It is simply referred to as Hall of Fame weekend in terms of NFL preseason odds.

NFL preseason betting includes the Hall of Fame game and four other full weeks of action.  The Hall of Fame game has the Tennessee Titans as three point favorites in NFL preseason odds against the Buffalo Bills in a game that will be shown on NBC television.  Attention will be focused on Buffalo in this game simply because they now have Terrell Owens.

There are few things to remember about NFL preseason betting at the sportsbook.   One of the big keys is each team’s quarterback rotation.  Starters don’t play very long early in the NFL preseason betting season so the backup quarterbacks are critical to the outcome of the NFL preseason odds.  If there is a team that has three good quarterbacks they can really be a good bet in NFL preseason betting. Conversely, teams like Indianapolis, who only have one good quarterback, can struggle in NFL betting preseason action.

Motivation is also a key to consider in NFL preseason betting.  Some coaches want to win while others simply don’t care.  You need to know what the goals are for the teams as you get involved in NFL preseason betting. New coaches are oftentimes more motivated to win in the preseason so keep that in mind.  Read the local papers so you can get a feel for what the coach wants to accomplish in the game.

The NFL preseason betting numbers are not going to vary very much.  The home teams are usually about a field goal favorite.  Unless you have a rotten team like Oakland or Detroit, then the road teams are usually not going to be favored in NFL preseason odds at the sportsbook.  For example, the Dallas Cowboys are 1.5 point favorites at Oakland in Week #1 NFL preseason odds.

Many times in NFL preseason betting you won’t have big favorites.  You can simply look at the information that is critical and not pay too much attention to the NFL odds as you bet the games.  Online sports betting information is where games are won and lost in the NFL preseason.

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