AFC West Preview & Predictions

December 16th, 2019 NFL Football

Yes, the 2015 NFL season is less than 50 days away and it’s time to keep looking and previewing the different divisions of both the NFC and the AFC, and in this preview we will have prediction on the teams with the NFL-AFC West.

The past season the AFC West was like a tank full of sharks waiting to devour its opponents, with the Broncos of Denver being somewhat if front of the other teams. Can Denver continue to be the best in the divisions, or might we see a new team come forward to beat the past champions this 2015-16 seasons. Remember when betting you can always at this time of the preseason bet on the NFL futures. Continue reading as we look a little bit closer at the AFC West Division teams.

We start with the Chargers of San Diego whom in 2014 had 9 wins and some 7 losses, and this season may actually have a chance to win this division after winning the title from 2006 to 2009 in 4 straight seasons. They have a great QB in P. Rivers who fans are hoping will have a stellar MVP performance in 2015-16.

This season the team has plenty of talent to help Rivers in their season quest in TE A. Gates their most reliable receiver that had some 12 TD’s this past season in 2014, and a very likely RB star in rookie M. Gordon whom in his senior year in the FBS he scored 29 TD’s and ran for 2.588 yards. They also have an offensive line that is much healthier this season, along with a great passing defense that ranked 4th in the NFL, who they believe can keep the rival Broncos in check this 2015-16 seasons. It is predicted the Charger will win over 9 games this season.

Then we have the Bronco of Denver who is 2014 had 12 wins and 4 losses, and they are seeking a franchise 5th consecutive playoff appearance, and a berth by winning the West AFC. That will be a tough projection to meet since they have had many changes before this upcoming season. Their star QB Manning returns and gets another shot at winning a Super Bowl in 2015. However, the team will be without PB TE J. Thomas now at Jacksonville, and starting OG O. Franklin. Manning will also be playing in a new offensive system installed by new head coach G. Kubiak as the Broncos parted ways win 2014 coach J. Fox after their playoff loss in 2014.

Coach Kubiak is known for his utilization of team talent, and with the Broncos he has RB C. Anderson whom in 2014 had 140 carries in 6 games for 8 TD’s and ran for 648 yards. It appears with the new offensive changes the Bronco could struggle at first, but expect to be seeking a wild card berth. The prediction is that the Broncos will win over 10 this 201-16 seasons!

Next we have the Chiefs of Kansas City whose record in 201 was 9 wins and 7 losses and if you remember they had 11 wins in 2013 thus their 2014 record was a step backwards. Last season they only managed to win some 9 games. They have a good QB in A. Smith who has a 65.4% completion in passing in 2014 with 18 TD’s while throwing some x interceptions, but this season they are short on the receiving talent to upset the opposing secondary’s this season.

They added WR J. Maclin who can be a deep threat for QB Maclin, but beyond that win F. Hammond, A. Wilson, J. Avant and J. Hemingway they lack pure talent. They have a solid RB with J. Charles, but he is subject to injuries. Their defensive star J. Houston signed a whopping 6 year $102 million deal with the Chiefs now in his 4th years. He set a single season sack record in 2014 with 22 sacks and gives the Chiefs a lot of defensive willpower in a division that is pass heavy. The prediction is that the Chiefs will win under 9 games in 2015.

The last team in the AFC for those that Bet on NFL at a Sportsbook, is the Raiders of Oakland whom in 2014 had a mere 3 wins and some 13 losses. Thus some big steps were taken by the Raiders to make change in the offseason that started with the hiring of J. Del Rio as their new head coach, who went to Super Bowl XXXV with the Ravens as LB Coach, the hired ex Seattle assistant as the defensive coordinator.

In free agency they go WR M. Crabtree and in 1st round draft receiver A. Cooper to give their young QB Carr some weapons on offense. Cooper is a Biletnikoff winner and Crabtree has 6 seasons with the Giants as a deep threat receiver.

This 2016-16 season we don’t expect to see the Raiders in contention, but they will present serious problems for their rival opponents this season and it is predicted that they will win over 6 games this season.

The media predictions for the AFC West is that the Chargers win this division with 11 wins and 5 losses, the Broncos finish in 2nd with 10 wins, while the Chiefs are third at 8 wins and 8 losses, and the Raiders get a couple upsets and finish with 6 wins and 10 losses.

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