2019 NFL Betting to Commence with Thursday Draft

2019 NFL Betting to Commence with Thursday Draft

April 23rd, 2019 NFL Football, Offshore Betting

At the beginning it was Nick Bosa that was considered to be the NFL betting favorite to be the first player taken in Thursday night’s first round of the draft.  Bosa is considered to be one of the most potentially devastating and dominant defensive players to be seen in the NFL Draft in a number of years.  By contrast Kyler Murray was thought to be flirting with the NFL only to gain leverage with baseball’s Oakland A’s.  However, the script has been flipped and now Murray is the probative favorite to go first in the NFL Draft.

2019 NFL Draft First Round  

Date and Time:  Thursday, April 25, 2019, 8 p.m. ET

Location:  Nashville, Tennessee

2019 NFL Draft TV Coverage:  ESPN

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Kyler Murray

Certainly, Kyler Murray has emerged as a massive public betting choice to go first in the draft.  However, there are plenty of complications that come with Murray going Numero Uno.  First, Arizona already has a quarterback in Josh Rosen, who was a first-round pick in his own right last year.  But while Rosen is considered talented, he also does not come off as fully committed.

Doubts in Mind

Additionally, there are still doubters about Murray due to his size and playing style.  The 2018 Heisman Trophy winner likes to scramble and roll around.  Of great concern is his ability to see over the big NFL defenders up front.  But trumping all is rookie head coach Kliff Kingsbury.  The former Texas Tech coach is said to be wanting Murray to lead his offense.

Second Overall Pick 2019 NFL Draft:

Nick Bosa of Ohio State -350, Kyler Murray of Oklahoma -650, Quinnen Williams of Alabama +400, Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State +1300, Josh Allen of Kentucky +1400

On the whole Nick Bosa makes for a solid number two NFL betting choice by the San Francisco 49ers.  Bosa left quite a tell when he deleted some political tweets that would not play well in the hard-left one-party city by the bay.  Indeed, when Bosa did that there has been little mystery as to where he is headed in the draft.

Which Team Will Pick Dwayne Haskins 2019 NFL Draft:

New York Giants +226, Oakland Raiders +285, Washington Redskins +680, Denver Broncos +1024, Miami Dolphins +271, Field (any other team) +186

At the onset of the NFL Draft preparation it was considered to be an offshore betting lock that Dwayne Haskins would end up with the New York Giants.  Extending that is the fact that Haskins wants to be a Giant.  Additionally, New York has to get on with replacing the declining Eli Manning.  But while Haskins is still considered first round material, Drew Lock has been the quarterback that as caught a lot of eyes.  Indeed, Lock has impressed all with this great attitude and more prototypical ability.

Matchup to Watch

On this occasion Kyler Murry is a near NFL betting certainty to go first.  Murray is a pick full of both potential risks and rewards.  Meanwhile Haskins remains the one true wild card of the draft.  At the end of the day the Giants may be bluffing.

2019 NFL Draft NFL Betting Odds Pick

Dwayne Haskins to the Giants brings the most potential value with less of an overlay.

2019 NFL Draft Betting Online Pick:  Dwayne Haskins to the Giants.

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