2015 Pro Bowl Betting Preview

January 21, 2015 NFL Football

Chiefs player jumping over Texans playerOnce each NFL football season we have the NFL Pro Bowl. This year’s game will be played on the 25th of January at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Gametime is scheduled for 8:05 PM and can be seen on ESPN TV. This is the same venue for the Super Bowl XLIX game.

Each year the players who do not make the Super Bowl game, the top players are eligible and can be elected to play in the annual Pro Bowl. In previous years there were several times when the game was play in Hawaii, but this year for only the 3rd time the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl will be played at the same venue as this year’s Super Bowl XLIX and that’s at the Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Previously the game was played in an AFC against NFC format, however this year for the 2nd time the game rosters will be chosen in a fantasy draft format and the teams will be Hall of Fame WR’s Cris Carter team and Michael Irving team and they are selecting the rosters for their teams.

Standard procedures for selecting the coaching staffs for the two opposing teams, starts with the highest seeded team’s coaching staff that lost in the divisional round, which in this case would be Dallas Cowboy Garrett and staff for the NFC and then for the AFC the Denver Broncos John Fox and staff, but because the Broncos and Fox have split, the Ravens Coach John Harbaugh and Staff will take over the AFC Team’s coaching duties. The players to be drafted for the 2 teams will be selected on the Wednesday the 21st of January and will be live on the NFL Network.

We thought you may be interested in knowing the players that the Team Carter and Team Irving can select from, so here are the eligible players:

For the offense players we have:

The Quarterbacks are Saints Brees, Cowboys Romo, Colts Luck, Patriots Brady, Broncos Manning, and the Packers Rodgers.

The Running Backs are Ravens Forsett, Eagles McCoy, Chiefs Charles, Seahawks Lynch, Steelers Bell and the Cowboys Murray. Fullbacks are Raiders Reese and the Packers Kuhn.

The Wide Receivers are Broncos Sanders, Giants Beckham Jr., Bengals Green, Colts Hilton, Broncos Thomas, Cowboys Bryant, Packers Nelson and the Steelers Brown.

The Offensive Tackles are Redskins Williams, 49er Staley, Eagles Peters, Broncos Clady, Cowboys Smith and the Browns Thomas.

The Centers are Eagles Kelce, Jets Mangold, Steelers Pouncey and Cowboys Frederick.

The offensive Guards are Dolphins Pouncey, Eagles Mathis, Bears Long, Ravens Yanda, Cowboys Martin and the Texans Watt.

For the Defense we have the following:

The Defensive Ends are Cardinals Campbell, Rams Quinn, Bills Williams, Dolphins Wake, Broncos Ware, and the Texans Watt.

The Defensive tackles are Jets Richardson, Bills Williams, Rams Donald, Chiefs Poe, Lions Suh, and the Bills Dareus.

The Outside Linebackers are Chiefs Hali, Eagles Barwin, Ravens Dumervil, Chiefs Houston, Packers Matthews, and the Broncos Miller.

The Inside Linebackers are Seahawks Wagner, Steelers Timmons, Ravens Mosley and the Panthers Kuechly.

The Cornerbacks are Broncos Harris, Colts Davis, Cardinals Petersen, Patriots Talib, Dolphins Grimes, Patriots Revis, Seahawks Sherman, and the Browns Haden.

The Safeties are Chargers Weedle, Lions Quin, Broncos Ward, Seahawks Thomas, Seahawks Chancellor and the Browns Gipson.

The Kickers are the Colts Vinatieri and the Patriots Gostkowski.

The Punters are the Bengals Huber and the Colts McAfee.

The Punt Returners are the Eagles Sproles and the Falcons Hester.

The Special Team players are the Cardinals Bethel and the Patriots Slater.

If you bet on NFL at an online sportsbook, take notice in this Pro Bowl list of players eligible, there are players who will be removed as they will be playing in the Super Bowl, specifically those that are listed with the Patriots and Seahawks. There are other players that were eligible but some have withdrawn their name due to injuries.

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