2015-16 Washington Redskins Preview

December 12th, 2019 NFL Football

Now that were into previewing the individual teams in the NFL for 2015, today we take a look at the Redskins of Washington. A team that its owner Snyder has had for some 16 NFL seasons, and this past 2014 his team had 4 wins and 12 losses in yet another disappointing season.

With Snyder at the helm the Washington Redskins in those 16 years have 108 wins and 148 losses, while winning their division on 2 occasions, with 4 appearances in the playoffs, and in the ultimate 7 years have only had 1 winning season.

In the past it seems the Washington Redskins tried to get big name free agents, and now they have started building the team with a young group of talented players, and growing it from the ground up. Thus in the NFC East this 2015 it will not be easy for the Skins, as all the other teams in their division, the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants also just improved.

The Redskins with their 1st time Head Coach J. Gruden had a disappointing season, and all the blame does not lie with the Coach for his lack of creating a top team in his 1st season. The team lacked talent which was accompanied by an organization with discontent, and injuries and team setbacks to their franchise QB at the time.

The Redskins QB Griffin III had a great rookie season, and in the following 2 seasons he was unable to relive his record. Many like to blame his lack of maturity and injury problems for his struggles, when in reality a large portion came from the lack of a supporting team. Their offensive line allowed 58 sacks on the QB in 2014 and that’s why Griffin III ate a lot of dirt. With Griffin III out a lot of the time for injury, his back-up QB’s in Cousins and McCoy also struggled with the offensive line. The 3 Redskin QB’s had 12 interceptions and as many TD’s 12, combined for the season. Then their defense was had just as many problems, ranking 3rd worst in the conference as the allowed opponents dome 27.5 points each game and gave up the ball 12 more times than turnovers and in the NFL that ranked 3rd worst.

So what happened in this offseason, on the positive side with quite a few draft picks, so they could attempt to rebuild the team quickly with their 10 picks in the offseason, and they intelligently used 3 to obtain offensive lineman. Their biggest pick was 1st round pick of tackle B. Scherff who was the top tackle prospect in the draft.

Their offensive line this season needs to be prepared to protect the QB and open hole for the RB’s, as that also was a problem in 2014 as their top RB Morris’s statistics dropped from 1,620 yards rushing in 2012 to 1,075 last season, while his average yards for each carry dropped from 4.9 to 4.0 in 2014 also.

In the draft the Washington Redskins got OL P. Smith out of Mississippi State in the 2nd round, RB M. Jones out of Florida, then defensive tackle J. Galette from the Saints, and CB C. Culliver who was in free agency.

Their top player is QB Griffin III and if he can improve his agility and mindset, then with his previous experience in game play, he could take the Redskins to a division title in 2015, even as their odds are at +1,000 to do that!

Maybe the biggest game for the Redskins will be their home game with the Eagles of Philadelphia on the 4th of October 2015 will show the fans how good they can be in 2015.

For those of you who Bet on NFL at an Online sportsbook we believe the Redskins will have a slightly better season win 2015 accumulating some 5 wins and 11 losses and will be short of their projection of 6.5 total wins for the season, thus they miss another playoff once again in 2015

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