Will Michigan Remain Overlay with College Football Betting Odds

To begin with Michigan is the all time winningest program in college football.  At the same time, they have a fan base that never ceases to bring that up.  Even though their incessant boast is true it also merits an asterisk.  Consider that the Wolverines have exactly one half of one national title since 1947.  Additionally, 10 of their 11 nattys occurred between 1901 and 1948.  And four of those were from 1901-1904.  Yet the Wolverines have a sense of entitlement and inevitability unlike any other program.  This makes them a perpetual overlay with the college football betting odds.

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Marquee Brand

Certainly, Michigan is college football’s marquee brand program.  Although this may be true they have rarely been a national factor in 20 years.  Time and again their branding is in the head of the betting public.  Due to Michigan tradition and a fawning national media they’re consistently overrated.  Further their stadium, uniforms, helmets and fight song play into it all.  Ironically the Wolverine’s assets have proven to cause a negative impact. Indeed, gamblers pay a premium price on Michigan with the college football betting odds.  What’s more Jim Harbaugh’s arrival enhanced all of this.

Stanford Harbaugh

Harbaugh returned to Ann Arbor in 2015.  Embracing Michigan tradition was easy for him.  Harbaugh was Michigan quarterback under the late great legend Bo Schembechler.  Further, his dad was an assistant coach under Schembechler.  While at Stanford Harbaugh pulled off a stunning and substantial turn around.  Moreover, he rejuvenated a down and out San Francisco 49ers team.  Consequently, he was hailed as the white knight riding in on his horse to save Michigan glory.

Past to Consider

In comparison to previous seasons Harbaugh’s first two years were relative successes.  More emphatically UM had serious looks at the college football playoff both seasons.  Following that Michigan became an online betting chalk to contend in 2017.  Balanced against that was massive roster turnover due to graduation and the NFL.  Commencing with his arrival Harbaugh dominated headlines with off field antics.  It became apparent that Michigan seemed to be reading their own headlines.  Subsequently they finished 8-5 straight up for 2017.  What’s more they got the cash in just five games.

Stats to Consider

Comparable to the bad record was an even worse offense.  In spite of being heralded as a quarterback guru Harbaugh has fallen short at UM.  Consequently, sluggish offense productivity has been a drag on the program.  For instance, Michigan ranked 105th for total offense in 2017.  In particular quarterback play was the main culprit in losses to Ohio State.  Alternatively, its wasted the efforts of a stout Michigan defense.  Decidedly ineffective has been a soft offensive line.  Therefore, offensive coordinator Tim Drevno was shown the door last winter.

Matchup to Watch

In particular Harbaugh’s biggest failure has been cultural.  Michigan still expects to win because it’s, well, Michigan.  To be exact it’s a culture that thinks screaming “THIS IS MICHIGAN” will win games.  Caused by such arrogance has been failure with the college football betting odds. Owing to such a sense of entitlement are consistent betting losses.  Most of all is the irony that Schembechler teams were NEVER so full of themselves.  Equally problematic is the Big Ten East.  Certainly, it’s the toughest division in college football.

College Football Betting Odds Picks

On the whole this is the most important season of Harbaugh’s career.  Encompassing that is a fan base tired of hype and wanting actual results. Granted, Harbaugh has brought in elite recruiting classes.  And yet until he kills the entitlement culture it will all be for not.  In conclusion it would be a reach to call for more than eight wins in 2018.

College Football Betting Online Pick:  Michigan to win eight games in 2018

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