Valuable College Football Odds

You will always have teams in college football odds that are overvalued and as you look for value in the college football betting line.

College football odds are exciting to wager on each week of the football season. Most gamblers when they look at the college football betting line say to themselves, “This team will win, I’ll bet on them.” The problem with that way of thinking is that just because a team is better doesn’t mean they will cover the college football odds. The opposite is true on the other end as some teams are at the bottom of the standings straight up but are point spread winners for those that bet on them.

You have to remember that college football odds makers and the public are very slow to change their opinion of teams. It sometimes takes three or four weeks for the perception of a team to change. That can give you a chance to pounce on a weak line. Sometimes value will point you in different directions versus college football odds. For example, let’s say a very good team like Florida gets off to a slow start with some unimpressive wins. They may be an excellent play in the following weeks in college football odds for the reason that they should get back to playing to their normal level. The same thing can occur when teams get off to good starts that really may have benefited from turnovers, luck etc. Very often the breaks will even out and the bad team comes back to earth a little bit versus the college football odds.

Another place to look for point spread value is the college football betting line itself. Having multiple places to bet your games can give you an extra half point or full point on many games. The college football odds maker for the most part does a good job and many games finish right around the betting number. When betting college football it is always to your advantage to get as much value as possible. That may come in terms of the college football betting line or it may come from perception. Hopefully when you make your bets this college football season you can find college football odds that are to your liking. The more you look at the college football odds the more you will begin to spot value spots that are good for your wagers. That is the key to winning versus the college football odds. You spot value and you pounce on the college football odds.

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