Tracking College Football Odds

If the coach stays the same it is likely the college football odds program will be similar to what it was last year versus the college football lines.

College football odds can be difficult to track with so many games on the board each week. College football, with its rosters in constant turnover and renewal is an incredibly time consuming proposition for even professional gamblers that bet college football odds. Therefore it is important to devise effective and time sensitive methods of keeping pace when looking at college football lines.

College football odds don’t have to be overwhelming. A good place to start is rather than trying to keep track of all of the player, roster, and lineup changes is to instead focus on the coaching staff of a school. Coaches such as Jim Tressel of Ohio State, Bob Stoops of Oklahoma, Pete Carroll of Southern California, Mack Brown of Texas, Frank Beamer of Virginia Tech, and Mark Richt of Georgia have proven the ability to reload rather than rebuild and keep their teams on top and in contention year in and year out versus the college football odds.

Along those same lines it is important to check out the history of each college football program as some lose year after year while others are perennial contenders versus college football odds. Woeful and sorry programs such as Duke, San Jose State, Temple, and Rice have had problems season after season versus college football odds, regardless of who the coaches are. These programs are usually bad bets versus the college football odds.

When trying to keep pace with it is also important to recognize where quick improvements are possible. Texas El Paso, for example, had the opportunity for a quick rebound from their woes versus college football odds when Mike Price took over as coach. Tulsa is another example of a mid-major team that has improved versus the college football lines as has Central Florida. In stronger BCS leagues, change often takes longer to develop and a program’s history is a good judge, at least for immediate results versus college football lines. Change can happen though, so you must be ready when you look at college football odds.

Keeping up to date with the coach is just one way to stay ahead of the game as you track college football odds.

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