Top 5 Heisman Candidates – 2016

November 27th, 2019 NCAA College Football Betting

Now that the 2015-16 NCAA Football Regular Season has moved into Week 12 we feel it’s time to preview the Five (5) Top Heisman Candidates for this season at this time in November since the season end is just around the corner.

To date it seems to be the year for the running backs with 3 contenders in D. Henry of Alabama, E. Elliot of Ohio State and L. Fournette of LSU, but don’t be surprised if one of 2 quarterbacks steal the show with D. Watson QB for No. 1 Clemson and B. Mayfield of No. 7 Oklahoma State. To date it’s been a crazy race for the Trophy, and their still more excitement and completion waiting as the 2015 NCAA season draws to a close.

We have 5 Heisman Trophy hopefuls that we briefly preview as follows:

We start with the AP No. 3 Alabama Crimson Tide (9-1) RB D. Henry who at the beginning of the season was not even a consideration, but then Alabama played LSU and RB Henry stole the show over LSU RB Fournette in Week 10, as he rushed for some 210 yards and scored 3 TD’s in their win over RB Fournette and the LSU Tigers. Then last week playing against the Bulldogs of Mississippi State he scored 2 TD’s as he rushed for 204 yards and at this time is -250 as the Heisman favorite in this Week 12.

Next we have the AP No. 1 Tigers of Clemson (10-0) QB D. Watson who has exploded in the Tigers big match-up as in 2 of his ultimate 3 game he passed for at least 360 yards or more with 7 TD’s and 1 interception. As a QB Watson has a great chance of taking his team to the CFP as he has assisted his team in the No. 1 ranking in the 1st 2 playoff rankings for 2015. Many think the Heisman is a QB’s award and Watson is at the top as a quarterback with odds at +400 to win the Trophy this season.

Then we have the AP No. 2 Buckeyes of Ohio State (10-0) RB E. Elliott who this season has not been as dominating as he was in 2014 when the Buckeyes won the National Title when he had 3 consecutive games where he rushed for at lead 200 yards. This season he has only managed one 200 yard game which came in Week 5 against the Hoosiers as he rushed for some 274 yards and scored 3 TD’s in t hat game. He still is not one to overlook, as he just may explode in his remaining games and take the trophy. Presently his odds for the Heisman are at +500.

Fourth is the No. 17 Tigers of LSU (7-2) RB L. Fournette who in the Alabama he had this Trophy Train derailed after having 7 incredibly dominating game, but the Tide defense allowed him a measly 31 yards in that loss to Alabama in Week 10 at 36-10. But the following week he had a 92 yard rushing game against the Razorbacks of Arkansas in the 31-14 victory. He also could still explode with 2 games remaining with Texas A&M and Ole Miss. He presently is a bit of a long shot with odds of +600 to win the Heisman.

Then our 5th candidate is the No. 7 Sooner of Oklahoma QB B. Mayfield who joined the chase late this season, but has proven to be a great sleeper in this Trophy race with his odds at +1,000. QB Mayfield lead his team in Week 1 beating the Bears 44-34 passing for 272 yards and 3 TD’s and also rushed on 15 occasions for 78 yards displaying his dual threat performance, and if he can lead his team to victories over No. 11 TCU 9-1 and the No. 4 Oklahoma State (10-0) there is a great chance the Sooners will be in the College Football Playoffs and come out on top in the Heisman Trophy chase.

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