Texas Most Valuable Team College Football Betting

College football betting is almost always popular on Texas and for good reason.

The Longhorns are the most valuable team in college football according to Forbes. NCAA football betting indicates that Texas football generated about $82 million dollars last season.

College football betting has Texas as an underdog to Alabama in the BCS title game but Texas is already a winner off the field. College football betting numbers indicate that of the $82 million dollars, $33 million came from ticket sales while another $30 million came from donations. The team also got about $2 million in sponsorship deals as college football betting info showed. And if you think that Texas is overvalued, you might want to think again. Texas football is extremely popular and by far the biggest moneymaker at the school. Texas is even a more valuable football team than Notre Dame which used to be at the top of college football. That is no longer the case as other schools have gone beyond the Fighting Irish. Alabama, who is favored in college football betting against Texas, is moving up fast in terms of football value. In fact, the Crimson Tide has gone up in value about 30% since Nick Saban took over as football coach.

The teams that make the most money in college football have the biggest TV deals. 18 of the 20 teams that make the most money are in three college football betting conferences, the Big 12, SEC and Big 10. Television contracts are huge today in all sports and college football is no exception.

Does money mean success in college football betting? Sometimes the answer in NCAA football betting is yes and sometimes it is no. Connecticut was actually the top team versus the college football betting odds in 2009 as they went 10-2. They were followed by Central Florida who went 9-2 vs. the college football betting number. Neither of these teams is on the list of most valuable teams in college football. One team that is though is Ohio State and they went 9-3 this season versus the NCAA football betting odds along with two other teams.

The two teams we mentioned earlier as valuable in terms of money had split results in college football betting. Texas went 5-7-1 this season against the NCAA football betting line but Alabama was a success, going 8-5 against the college football betting line.

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