Texas Faces Tougher Challenges in SEC for 2024

Texas Faces Tougher Challenges in SEC for 2024

On the whole, Texas Longhorns has always had its way when it came to dictating the way business was done in college football. Previously, Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte lamented that college athletics lost its voice. Especially in regards to the emphasis on NIL, the transfer portal, and the loss of focus on education. Del Conte’s College Football Betting comments are fine on the surface. Also, he is not to blame for where college football stands today. But his employer is a major culprit, dating back to the 1980s and the breakup of the Southwest Conference.

College Football Futures 2024 Texas Longhorns

2024 Texas Longhorns Odds to Win National Championship:+800
Odds to Win SEC Championship:+275
Over/Under Win Total:10.5

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2024 Longhorns Schedule

  • April 20 Spring Game
  • Aug. 31 vs. Colo. State
  • Sept. 7 at Michigan
  • Sept. 14 vs. UTSA
  • Sept. 21 vs. UL Monroe
  • Sept. 28 vs. Mississippi St.
  • Oct. 5 Idle
  • Oct. 12 vs. Oklahoma
  • Oct. 19 vs. Georgia
  • Oct. 26 at Vanderbilt
  • Nov. 2 Idle
  • Nov. 9 vs. Florida
  • Nov. 16 at Arkansas
  • Nov. 23 vs. Kentucky
  • Nov. 30 at Texas A&M

Texas Longhorns – No More Bullying

Previously, Texas destroyed the SWC and the Big 12 because of its overbearing ways. Furthermore, through its conduct, no other school in college football is more responsible for the continuous conference realignment of the past 15+ years. But if Texas thinks it will run roughshod over the SEC, it is in for a rude awakening.

The University of Texas likes to think of itself as above the other members of any conference it has been in. It has a haughty attitude regarding academics and culture. It seriously considered joining the Pac-12 Conference in 2010 because of its supposed academic and cultural superiority. Despite its aloofness, Texas has a shady online wagering past.

Of course, the Texas football program made its fame in the now-defunct Southwest Conference. In the 1970s and 80s, the Southwest Conference was utterly lawless, in a less sophisticated sort of way compared to now. Back then, it was alleged and assumed that all of the SWC schools were giving players cars, cash, girls, and other inducements.

Correlate that SMU was the most famous transgressor, getting the NCAA Death Penalty in 1987. Eric Dickerson, who was an SMU star, took a gold Pontiac Trans Am gift from Texas A&M and kept it after signing with SMU. Dickerson said that when he graduated from SMU to the NFL, he took a College Football Betting pay cut. And he wasn’t kidding.

As a result, the outlaw culture forced the SWC to fold after the 1995 season. Texas, along with Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and Baylor, became refugees who found a home in what was previously known as the Big Eight Conference. After the merger, It became the Big 12.

As the years progressed, Texas Longhorns formed the Longhorn Network in partnership with ESPN. In turn, the Longhorns were hoarding most of the Big 12 money. Nebraska, Texas A&M, and Missouri deeply resented the situation and left the Big 12. So, too, did Colorado. Ironically, Colorado has since returned to the Big 12 after the Pac-12 imploded in 2023.

Finally, in the summer of 2021, Texas convinced Oklahoma to join them in the announcement of a move to the SEC. After damaging the Big 12 beyond repair, Texas felt the league they ruined no longer had enough prestige or revenue. In a bit of karma, the Longhorn Network was a flop that never caught on.

The University of Texas is used to always having its way in everything. But in the SEC, their arrogance will not be tolerated. Texas is about to discover what it is like to be treated as an equal.