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Texas Bowl Odds

Texas Bowl odds are one of the newest bowl odds in college football odds.

Aside from the two bowls that are debuting this year the Texas Bowl betting is the newest form of college football post season betting in college football. Last year was the inaugural year of the Texas Bowl odds and fans and organizers are expecting even bigger and better things in this year’s edition of the Texas Bowl betting.


Texas Bowl odds are yet to be released as there are still several weeks of college football left to play. Many conference races have yet to be settled and that is true of the two affiliated conferences for the Texas Bowl odds. The Big 12 and Conference USA will both be sending teams this year to the competition. The Big 12 will send its eighth best team while the Conference USA team is yet to be decided. The Big 12, as every Texas Bowl odds fan must know, is a mess right now. The top conference in the country, the Big 12 is so competitive this year that its winner could be decided by coin toss. But by the time December 30th rolls around and the kick off of the Texas Bowl odds, there will no doubt be two teams ready to kill each other in the Texas Bowl betting action.

The Texas Bowl odds will once again be held in Houston, the largest city in the state. And once again the competition will be managed by the Houston Texans in partnership with the NFL. And, there is also a very good chance that a team from Texas will be featured in the Texas Bowl odds. This year it seems like Texas A&M might be a likely candidate for the Texas Bowl betting, or perhaps Baylor in a long shot. But it only seems good for the game and the overall theme of the Texas Bowl odds that a team from the Lone Star State is present.

Last year’s Texas Bowl odds were an all-Texas affair as Texas Christian University beat up on the University of Houston. There could be all kinds of great match up possibilities for this year’s Texas Bowl odds but expect to see at least one team from Texas. It seems that in all the state named bowls, such as the Texas Bowl odds competition, there is also an in-state school invited to the game and there’s little reason to believe that this game should be any different.

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