Texas Bowl Betting

Texas Bowl betting is based on yet another bowl game that is named after a state

While this might seem a bit of a strange college football phenomenon it’s actually pretty savvy to promote a state and who can complain about another bowl betting opportunity with the Texas Bowl odds. And while the Texas Bowl betting isn’t going to decide any national champions or any other such important outcomes, it’s still a great way to promote raise Texas’ profile and give college football betting fans another game to watch.

Texas Bowl betting is not a well known pastime. It’s not for lack of promotion or a visceral dislike of the state of Texas on the part of sports fans (although, there is no proof of this and it’s certainly something that could be considered when measuring the popularity of Texas Bowl odds) it’s simply that the Texas Bowl betting is very new –even in the world of college bowl games where new bowls pop up like mushrooms. In fact, this year, the 2008 edition of the Texas Bowl odds, will only be the second time in history that fans can partake in Texas Bowl betting.

Last year the first ever Texas Bowl betting event was held and was by all accounts a moderate success. The TCU Hornfrogs won the inaugural Texas Bowl odds competition and did the Lone Star State proud with their performance. This year the Texas Bowl betting match up will feature the number eight Big 12 team, which is no small potatoes considering the strength of the conference this year and a Conference USA team yet to be determined.

The Texas Bowl odds may seem vaguely familiar to hardcore college football fans as they have taken over for the now discontinued Houston Bowl. And so now, instead of bowl game named after a city, we have the Texas Bowl betting named after the state itself, and that must be better, right?

But the Texas Bowl betting is a very modern construct and quite typical of the new corporate driven generation of bowl games. In the days of yore a bowl game existed in order to give fans a great post season show down between two top football talents. Now bowls exist to push some kind of sponsorship. In this case, Texas Bowl betting fans might be surprised to learn that the NFL is actually behind the post season action. The Texas Bowl betting is actually directed by a company owned by the Houston Texans and the NFL network also owns all the broadcast rights –and therefore the sponsorship rights- to the Texas Bowl betting. Open a New Account and bet on the Texas Bowl at SBG Global!

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