Sugar Bowl Game Betting Notes

Sugar Bowl game betting is a bit different than other bowl game betting because the Sugar Bowl is a high profile game. That means the Sugar Bowl lines at SBG will be bet on by most college football gamblers.

How do you make money when considering Sugar Bowl lines?

Sugar Bowl game betting notes start by looking at both of the teams involved.  The Sugar Bowl college football betting is such a high profile game that both teams are probably going to come in playing well, but we may find an edge when one of the two teams comes in more motivated.

Teams looking to make a statement or teams looking to prove they belong are excellent bets in high profile bowl games and that applies to Sugar Bowl betting as well.  We want to give serious consideration to any team from the SEC and we definitely want to look at playing LSU, Miami, Florida or Florida State if they are involved in the game. 

Sugar Bowl game betting will always be a highlight of the bowl season because the game is always at night and the only game in town.  It is just like playing Monday Night Football because it is such a high profile game.  Usually in high profile games you want to go against the public but the trends in Sugar Bowl game betting point us toward the favorite and the regional teams.

Remember as you look at Sugar Bowl game betting that overall bowl trends don’t apply as much in this game.  The Sugar Bowl is such a high profile game and has specific trends that you may want to look at betting the favorite in Sugar Bowl lines.

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