ST. Petersburg Bowl Odds

St. Petersburg Bowl odds are not yet a hot commodity among the college football odds enthusiasts, but that could soon chance.

After the first ever St. Petersburg Bowl betting match up is played out in a few weeks the college football odds fans can decide for themselves if the St. Petersburg Bowl odds are worth pursuing or not.  But until than, no one knows quite what to expect when the first ever St. Petersburg Bowl odds action are rolled out.

St. Petersburg Bowl odds organizers have a tough audience to try and each considering that bowl games seem to be popping up weeds in recent times.  But the St. Petersburg Bowl odds match up has all the makings of winner.  It also has all the attributes of what a successful bowl game should have and we should be seeing St. Petersburg Bowl betting action for years to come.

The first and awfully essential ingredient that the St. Petersburg Bowl odd has is its location.  For a bowl game to have any type of success it must be held in a sunny location and St. Pete Florida, the name sake of the St. Petersburg Bowl odds bowl, is one of the few sunny places in December in US.  That should attract plenty of attention and set just the right mood for the first ever St. Petersburg Bowl betting match up.

Secondly, for a bowl game to survive and have any kind of longevity it must have quality teams to draw from and the St. Petersburg Bowl odds bowl certainly has that.  The two teams matching up in the St. Petersburg Bowl betting this year will be from the Big East and from the Sun Belt conference.  Both of these conferences are among the more competitive in college football and there should be two quality teams playing in this year’s St. Petersburg Bowl odds.

One team that looks increasingly likely to be featured in the inaugural St. Petersburg Bowl odds is the South Florida Bulls.  This is a team that was the Cinderella darling of the 2007 season but has faltered badly in the Big East conference play in 2008.  But matter not, the Bulls have the six wins necessary to qualify for the St. Petersburg Bowl odds and as Tampa is their back yard, this would make a very interesting pick for the St. Petersburg Bowl odds selection committee when they finally make a decision on the teams.

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