Postseason College Football Lines

Don’t assume you can handicap the football lines games the same in the postseason because things are definitely different in the lines football board.

Football lines in college football take on added importance during the postseason when conference championship games and bowl games are on the schedule. The conference championship games have proven to be tricky propositions for gamblers in lines football action recently while bowl games are always full of upsets. Football lines are highlighted by the bowl games, especially the BCS bowl games.

You also have the minor bowls that are really like September football games in which you have a team from a power conference against a mid-major opponent. Sometimes you will see large college football lines on these games with the power conference teams favored. That does not mean, however, they cover the football lines. Sometimes the motivation of the larger school is lacking in these minor bowls. Motivation is huge when you are handicapping college bowl football lines. Teams that want to be there are definitely better bets than teams that are disappointed. This makes handicapping those early bowl game football lines a little bit tricky for gamblers.

The big bowl games are played on New Year’s Day and the days that follow. These matchups are the big ones that have attractive football lines. The BCS title game is the main one that attracts the attention in lines football action but not the only one. The Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl and others also get attention from the public in terms of football lines. It is important to ignore much of the media hype and to keep a level head as you look at postseason college football lines as you can often get burned by wagering on media spin, which is based on a “straight up” rather than the football lines. Also thoroughly check out the motivations and intangibles for each game because they are critical when you are handicapping football lines in the postseason. Enjoy the post season lines football action and remember that conference championships and bowl games offer different handicapping challenges.

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