Picking Winners in College Football Odds

College football odds give you many chances to pick winners each Saturday.

When you look at college football odds you have to consider many factors if you want to be successful. When looking at college football lines it is important to look at various factors but you also need to keep things simple enough so you can digest the information you find. College football odds handicapping for many people can begin with looking at power ratings. This is a starting point, not an ending point. Power ratings are simply a good guide and a place for a gambler to start with college football lines. They get you pointed in the right direction versus college football lines.

As a gambler you can next look at statistics to determine whether or not there is a big advantage for one side or the other in regards to the college football odds matchups. Looking beyond the rushing and passing numbers you can consider turnover margins, penalties, and special teams’ statistics as well with college football odds. In addition to these stats you can look at recent performance and how the teams have played leading up to this particular game. Once the stats are digested you can consider motivation issues as you handicap college football lines. It is possible that revenge is a factor or maybe one of the teams is coming off a huge upset or emotional victory or a bad loss.

As you look handicapping college football odds be sure and consider the head coach. Baseball managers mean little, NBA head coaches don’t mean much more, but in college football the coach can have an impact. Some teams respond well to a coach in a particular situation and those situations are where you want to strike in college football odds. As you handicap college football odds you can’t put too much stock into any one factor. It is kind of like a puzzle that all comes together.

If you are thinking it takes a long time to digest all of this information you may be right and that is why you want to narrow your focus down by starting with your power ratings in college football odds. Narrow the games you are considering to a manageable amount and then dive into the stats and matchups in college football odds. You should be able to come up with some good winners this way and find some excellent plays versus college football odds.

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