Bowl Betting Bowl betting is unique for many reasons. And not the least of which the fact that the Bowl odds are the odds in college football betting that are named after a pizza chain.

But this game is about more than just pie and when the whistle blows for the start of the 2008 Bowl betting, you can be sure that there will be plenty of football excitement. Bowl betting is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of college football betting. Most college football fans were accustomed to simple names for bowl games like, generally named after fruit (the Orange Bowl), flowers (the Rose Bowl) or the other plants (the Cotton Bowl), but the flood of newly named bowls like the Bowl betting have changed that forever. Sponsorship is now the wind in the sail of the college football bowl machine and names like the once unthinkable Bowl betting bowl are now commonplace. But, names aside, the Bowl should not be overlooked because of its unconventional name.

The Bowl betting is generally pretty good and this year that should be the case as well. It’s not as though the Bowl betting has a long pedigree or anything, but since its debut in the 2006 season the Bowl odds have steadily improved. This year the format will be even better and the stakes even higher when the Bowl betting gets underway. In years past the Bowl odds featured the likes of the Conference USA and the Sun Belt Conference. But this year the Bowl betting organizers scored a coup, and what could easily be considered the biggest development of the bowl’s brief existence.

This season the Bowl betting will feature a team from the SEC pitted against a top team from the Big East. This should help to establish the Bowl as one of the top bowl events in December. Drawing these two top conferences into the Bowl betting is certain to cement the game as one of the better second tier bowls around. And while it won’t feature any national championship contenders it will certainly host two very competitive teams with large followings and that’s a good thing for fans.    

If all goes well in this year’s edition of the Bowl odds, next year’s should be even better. Open a New Account and bet on the Bowl at SBG Global!

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