Outback Bowl Game Betting Notes

Outback Bowl game betting oftentimes involves smart gamblers taking the underdog? Why does the underdog offer great value when you look at Outback Bowl lines?

Outback Bowl game betting usually mirrors other bowl game college football betting at SBG Global. That means the public will bet the favorites and that means the underdogs hold value. You have to remember in Outback Bowl game betting that the team that’s perceived to be better will usually have more trouble getting motivated for the game than the underdog.

Very often you will see very competitive games in the bowls because there is a lot more competitive balance in college football than ever.  That means underdogs are worth taking and that includes Outback Bowl game betting.

You want to remember in Outback Bowl game betting that conference matchups are important.  In the SEC you might have a team that is 7-4 against a Big 10 team that is 8-3 and yet the SEC team is better because they play in a tougher conference. Do your homework when it comes to conference power rankings.

Also keep in mind with Outback Bowl game betting that underdogs have done quite well in the game.  The Over has also done well in recent years against Outback Bowl lines.  You may also want to strongly consider any Florida team that plays in the game in Outback Bowl lines since they have an automatic home field edge. The Outback Bowl is played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on New Year’s Day. 

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