Outback Bowl Betting

Outback Bowl betting is not one of the more traditional wagering avenues in the college football betting odds.

After all, the Outback Bowl odds are sponsored by an Australian company, a country that does not even play or watch the game. But that matters little in the broader scope of things as the on field action in the Outback Bowl betting is consistently good and some of the best in the college football betting universe.

Outback Bowl betting originated in 1995 when the ever-present steakhouse chain forked over the cash for the naming rights. But aside from the name change, the on-field action changed very little and the Outback Bowl betting continues to deliver the same top of the line football action that it always has. Originally named the Hall of Fame Bowl, it likely wasn’t a hard decision to take the cash and change to the Outback Bowl odds game.

Held in Tampa Bay, FL every January 1st the Outback Bowl betting is usually one of the first games, if not the first, of the New Year. In order to get a spot on this day, one of the most important in college football, says quite a lot about the Outback Bowl betting. Simply put, if a game can reserve a spot on January 1st, like the Outback Bowl betting showdown has, than it is royalty among the college football bowl match ups.

And in order to live up to those lofty expectations the Outback Bowl odds committee has to consistently attract the top teams. With more than $3 million in payouts, the Outback Bowl betting campaign has little trouble in this department. This year the number three team in the Big Ten has agreed to play in the Outback Bowl odds competition. Right now it seems as if that team will inevitably be Michigan State, a very fine team with a tremendous running attack.

The Big Ten team will square off against an at large SEC team in the Outback Bowl betting and there is little doubt it will be a superb team. Most likely the number four team in the SEC will be sent to the Outback Bowl odds and there’s a very good chance that Georgia will be that team. A possible Michigan State vs. Georgia Outback Bowl betting match up is a pretty appealing sounding proposition and if this does turn out to be the final pairing, the 2009 Outback Bowl betting should be as good as ever.

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