New Mexico Bowl Odds

New Mexico Bowl odds for the 2008 season have yet to be released.

As the football season is still in play the teams to be represented in the New Mexico Bowl betting have yet to be set, but one thing is certain, college football betting fans will witness the first New Mexico Bowl without the University of New Mexico.  The University of New Mexico has played in every New Mexico Bowl odds match up to date, but in 2008 we will see New Mexico bowl betting history re-written.

New Mexico Bowl odds have a short history, which is only fair to point out when making such bold claims.  As many college football betting fans know, the New Mexico Bowl odds have only been around since 2006 but in the two editions of the New Mexico Bowl betting that have played out so far, the name sake University of New Mexico has been featured in both.  This year, one of the things we know for sure about the New Mexico Bowl odds match ups at this point in time is that the Lobos will not be a part of their name-sake bowl.

The problem is that the Lobos are simply not good enough to qualify for the college football post season and as such cannot be invited to the New Mexico Bowl odds, now matter how much organizers and fans may want to see the match up.  The Lobos are the first team to end their regular season –a surprisingly early finish and one that leaves the coaches and players even more time to stew on their New Mexico Bowl odds snub.

Some of the coaches, anyway, as head coach Rocky Long (with a lifetime 1-1 record in the New Mexico Bowl odds) abruptly resigned just days after the season was over. After it became obvious that the team would win the requisite six games necessary to become eligible for the New Mexico Bowl odds match up, the fans turned on him. And after compiling the most wins in the history of New Mexico Bowl odds competition they fans began demanding his ouster.  So after 11-years of mostly productive results and two berths to the New Mexico Bowl betting the end of an era has come to pass at New Mexico.

But Long’s New Mexico Bowl odds legacy should be sealed, not only because he played in the historic first game, but because he leaves with a win.  Last season’s New Mexico Bowl odds match up ended with the Lobos pitching a shut out against a very decent University of Nevada team 23-0. 

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