New Mexico Bowl Betting

New Mexico Bowl betting is not the biggest draw in the college football bowl season but that doesn’t mean that it should be overlooked.

The New Mexico bowl odds are one of the great college bowl betting opportunities that is often overlooked, but that perhaps shouldn’t be.  There are many such bowl betting opportunities in the crowded world of college football bowl wagering, but the New Mexico Bowl betting is something that should definitely be checked out.

New Mexico Bowl betting has a tradition of providing not only great entertainment but also very decent betting chances as well.  This is one of the newer bowls around was inaugurated in 2006.  Since then the New Mexico Bowl betting has been nothing short of great.  For purist bowl betting fans the New Mexico Bowl betting is all about the fundamentals of what college football bowl betting should be.  And best of all, since the New Mexico Bowl odds are generally not the most popular on the board there is no reason to fear the influence of ignorant money on the New Mexico Bowl odds.  Often, in many of the bigger BCS football bowls so much money is thrown at both teams that the odds are generally corrupted and betting opportunity is abolished –not so in the case of the New Mexico Bowl betting.

This bowl is an all western affair and it’s likely that many sports fans in the East may have never even heard of the New Mexico Bowl betting.  That’s because this bowl, is minor in the overall hierarchy of the bowl system and features teams from the Western Athletic Conference and the Mountain West conference, neither a household name for most sports bettors but nonetheless the standard bearers for the New Mexico Bowl betting.  In this light, the New Mexico Bowl betting is not only a great chance to bet on college football but also a great way to get acquainted with these two conferences.

Since the first edition of the New Mexico Bowl betting there has been a growing field of New Mexico Bowl betting enthusiasts.  Especially in the state of New Mexico which not only lends its name to the competition, but the University of New Mexico has also played in both of the previous New Mexico Bowl betting games.  But it’s about time that the rest of the country becomes familiar with the New Mexico Bowl odds as well and on December 20th when the 2008 New Mexico Bowl betting gets underway the rest of America will have just such an opportunity.

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