NCAA Football Preseason Favorites & Sleepers

December 17th, 2019 NCAA College Football Betting

Yes, the NCAA Football season is just around the corner and here at SBG Global we are starting early to keep you informed of the upcoming new 2015-16 season for college football.

This season is expected to be a very busy football season, bringing the fans a lot of entertainment. The Buckeyes of Ohio State are returning as the favorites to defend their Title of the 2014-15 seasons, while teams like Oklahoma State, TCU and Michigan will be strong championship contenders again in the 2015-16 NCAA Football Season.

If you care to know more about in the Preview we will be looking at some early favorites, some sleeper teams and even a long shot or two. So let’s take a look at the 2015 -16 Preview for NCAA Football.

The early favorites coming into the 2015 -16 seasons are the Buckeyes of Ohio State and the Horned Frogs of TCU.

The Buckeyes presently have 3 quarterbacks vying for the No. 1 starting position. They have 2014 Heisman candidate B. Miller coming back from an injury, then 2014 QB J. Barrett who led the through a 11-1 2014 season, and their 2014 3rd stringer C. Jones who lead the team to the Big Ten Title and then the College Playoffs. On offense and defense they are a loaded team and apart from the 3 QB’s, they return RB E. Elliot who had 12 TD’s and 1,402 yards rushing for the 2014 season. Then on defense safety T. Powell, who was the MVP for defensive players in the Championship game. The team returns some 8 starters on their defensive unit from that title game, and the team is early favorites to win the 2016 Championship Game at + 280!

Next don’t overlook the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian University again, as they are ready to unleash their talent this season after being overlooked in the playoff series last season. That was a real surprise to many, as they ranked as high as 3rd coming into the selection week, but may have been because they shared their conference title with Baylor for their regular season. But for this 2015 season they claim to have one of the best offenses for the teams in the 2015 season. They return QB T. Boykin who threw for 33 TD’s and 3,904 yards while running for some 709 yards and scoring 8 TD’s himself. He has a great RB in A. Green who had 9 TD’s, and 3 receivers in D. Gray, K. Listenbee and J. Doctson who had 23 TD’s combined. The odds to win the 2016 Title, for TCU are at +850.

The Cowboys of Oklahoma State and the Wolverines of Michigan are touted as being the ‘Sleepers’ for the 2015-16 season.

But 1st is the Wolverines of Michigan of the Big Ten Conference who now have a new coach in J. Harbaugh coaching the team, and they are expected in the 2015-16 season to have better season. They have the talented but just lacked the tools to move forward, and Harbaugh is a proven coach for turning talent into winners, and with his coaching talent this year the Wolverines of Michigan are at +4,000 odds to take the title.

The other sleeper is the Cowboys of Oklahoma State who had a mediocre season in 2014 with a 7 and 6 record, but that’s not where the story ends. Late in the 2014 season they had ranked as low as 114th in week 9 and 12 and at 37th in their last 3 season games. In 2015 their important Big 12 games are on their home field and have a favorable road schedule, and they are a team that can handle their own deck of cards and odds for the title are +5,000.

If you Bet on College football at a sportsbook the ‘Long Shot’ at +30,000 for the 201516 Championship is the Golden Bears of California and they’re a team of Bears you can’t sleep on. The experts think they could have the best offense in this upcoming season. They have a great QB in J. Goff who passed for 35 TD’s while throwing for 3,980 yards last season. They return RB D. Lasco who scored 12 TD’s and rushed for 1,115 yards, and receivers B. Treggs and K. Lawler whom has a combined 15 TD’s in 2014. In addition they return 9 defensive players for their 2015 season.

So it’s time to get ready if you’re a NCAA College Football betting fan. The early media prediction is that the Buckeyes will stumble in rout to the title, while the Horned Frogs will burn their way to the Title in 2015-16!

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