NCAA Football Betting – ESPN and Notre Dame Grab BYU

The move by BYU to independent status in college football had ripple effects in NCAA football betting with ESPN set to televise a lot of BYU games and Notre Dame putting BYU on the schedule.

Making a college football bet on BYU at Sbgglobal should be even more popular with the Cougars getting a ton of national exposure.

Not many teams could go it on their own and make it in college football.  Do you know how many independents there are in college football?  There are a total of three and two of them are Army and Navy.  The other team is Notre Dame. BYU believes they can be in the mix with Notre Dame. They definitely won’t be as irrelevant as Army and Navy are in college football. 

ESPN – The big boy in college football is ESPN.  Yea, NBC has Notre Dame but in college sports the network that gets watched is ESPN.  BYU made a huge deal with ESPN for college football that will make them a big player on the national stage.  ESPN didn’t wait long to make the deal either as they know how valuable the Cougars can be. ESPN announced an 8-year deal with BYU to televise Cougars games on one of the network channels.

Notre Dame – The Irish recognize that BYU is one of the marquee teams in the country and they wasted no time getting BYU on their schedule. The Irish worked out a deal with BYU for a six-year deal that runs through 2020.

Wow – That is about all you can say in NCAA football betting when it comes to the BYU deal. They announce their independent status and get a TV deal with ESPN and a six-year contract with Notre Dame.  Not many schools could have pulled off that type of coup.  And on top of all that, the Cougars go into the West Coast Conference in college basketball where they will get to play with Gonzaga and St. Mary’s. Can you do any better than BYU did on Wednesday?  They get their own TV deal, huge exposure and they get to keep the money as they are no longer in a conference.  Where do we sign up for that type of deal?

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