NCAA Football Betting – BYU wants to be the Notre Dame of the West

BYU gets some definite action in NCAA football betting even though they are in the Mountain West Conference.

The Cougars could be getting more though as reports have them looking to become a football independent in the mode of Notre Dame.  Making a college football bet on BYU will not be quite up to the level of the Fighting Irish but the Cougars are sure trying to increase their exposure.

NCAA football betting at SBGGlobal favors the Cougars in their season opener as the host the Washington Huskies on Saturday, September 4th.  The Cougars are in the Mountain West Conference this season but all reports indicate that it will be the last one for BYU.

Notre Dame of the West:  BYU has looked at Notre Dame and they realize that the Fighting Irish have the best of both worlds. They are an independent in football and they are in a conference in other sports. That is exactly what BYU wants and the WAC is ready to oblige. The Cougars would leave the Mountain West next season in football and become and independent and in other sports they would join the WAC.  Remember that Utah is leaving for the Pac-10 so BYU has no real reason to stay in the Mountain West.

The deadline for the Cougars to make a decision is September 1st and all indications are that they will indeed leave the Mountain West.  The Cougars started looking at things after Utah left for the Pac-10.  The Cougars would be come a football independent like Notre Dame. They might even be able to work out a deal with ESPN to televise their games just like Notre Dame has with NBC. The Mountain West would effectively see all their attempts to get an automatic BCS bid end if BYU leaves.  It is also possible that Boise State would leave if the Cougars jump ship.

Advantages:  The advantages for BYU leaving the Mountain West are numerous. They would get to make their own college football schedule, keep their own bowl revenue instead of splitting it and they may get their own TV deal.  The Mountain West can say goodbye to BYU. The Cougars also will get anything they want from the WAC in other sports since BYU would instantly become the top school in the conference.

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