NCAA Football – Alabama vs Ole Miss

November 29th, 2019 NCAA College Football Betting

Moving into the 2015 NCAA Football Week 11 of the Regular season we come to Saturday the 14th of November 2015 with SEC West rivals the No. 4 Crimson Tide of Alabama 8-1 playing at the unranked Bulldogs of Mississippi State 8-2 with the game being played at the Davis Wade Stadium in Starkville, Mississippi with the kick-off scheduled for 3:35 PM ET and can be seen on CBS TV.

This last win for the Crimson Tide over the then ranked No. 2 LSU the Tide notified fans and the committee for College Playoffs that they are still tops in the SEC, and with 2 more wins in their remaining conference play the will take the SEC West Title. That may be easier stated the accomplished, as this next Saturday they travel to Starkville to take on the conference best QB in D. Prescott and the Bulldogs of Mississippi State.

If you Bet on College football at an Offshore sportsbook and are a fan of the 8-1 Crimson Tide of Alabama, you know your teams win over then undefeated No. 2 Tigers of LSU 30-16 and those that saw the game had the feeling that the Tigers did not have a chance in this match-up.

Their Heisman candidate RB L. Fournette previously had run through the defenses he came upon, but in this game he was stopped by the great defensive front of Alabama, as in 19 carries he only accumulated 31 yards rushing with 1 TD. That compared to the Tide’s Heisman candidate RB D. Henry who was the Alabama star as he carried the ball some 38 times for 210 yards and scored 3 TD’s in the game.

This season RB Henry has average almost 150 yards each game and in this game with the Bulldogs he may be able to continue his rushing average or better since the Bulldogs are 10th in the SEC in defending the rush.

Since the SEC West Title is in the picture for Alabama you can expect to once again perform at their best, and this game location happens to be a venue where the Tide has always fared well.

The fans of the 7-2 Bulldogs of Mississippi State realize their team had a tough start in SEC play, but since have found their pace and completed recently to games in which they blew out their opponents as the beat the Wildcats of Kentucky 42-16 and in the very next game beat the Tigers of Missouri 31-13 and are now 3-2 in their SEC games this season.

In those 2 games the Bulldogs and QB Prescott played well, and in the Kentucky game he had 6 TD’s, 3 rushing and 3 passing, then against the Tigers of Missouri he passed for another 4 TD’s as he became only the 6th QB in the SEC to ever score 100 TD’s in a career. QB Prescott has performed great to date this season as he has a 67% completion rate in his passing game with an incredible TD-to-Interception ratio of 18 to 1, and his talent to scramble with the ball is something that differs with other QB in the conference.

His talent at QB will be of most importance in this game as the defense of Alabama has not been good this season as stopping opponents mobile QB’s. Last season against the Tide he passed for 2 TD’s and 292 yards, plus he rushed for another 85 yards in a loss that was very close with Alabama winning 25-20. In an early loss this season the Bulldogs lost to LSU 21-19 as Tigers RB L. Fournette scored 3 TD’s and rushed for 160 yards.

The prediction for the SEC West rivalry game will see the Crimson Tide of Alabama beat the Bulldogs of Mississippi State as the Tide’s offense is too much for the Bulldogs as the Tide wins the game 27-21!

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