NCAA 2015 October Craziest Month So Far

November 29th, 2019 NCAA College Football Betting

Yes, the 2015 NCAA Football season in October 2015 had some crazy game endings, and several coaching jobs became available, some of which most expected and others that came as a surprise. Plus, we the fans got to experience some of the craziest and exciting NCAA game endings in recent events.

This past Saturday was one of the wildest and most controversial endings as the Hurricanes on a game ending kickoff and trailing in that game, Miami took the kick-off and completed some crazy 8 laterals and a return for the game winning TD, which many think should have been nullified, but that did not happen.

Having explained that briefly we will continue to bring you the 5 best and craziest finishes in October 2015 that ended with this past Halloween weekend and presumably we should have expected some tricks or treats, depending on which side of the ball you were on!

First craziest and most recent, we had the Hurricanes of Miami that we mentioned previously who had the multi lateral TD return, and this was without a doubt the craziest in October. The play was very controversial play that favored a team that during the game was flagged for penalties some 23 times, and penalized a mere 194 yards, which is more than some teams offenses gain on the ground in a regular season game. Yes, on that return their appeared to be a knee down on 2 occasions and what appeared to be various blocks in the back, but no penalties called and Miami scores to win the game.

The Second craziest was the ‘Gift Six’ at Michigan State in a game in which the first time they took the lead scoring 6 points was the only time they led in the game, and they nicknamed it such as they say the 6 points came as a gift, as the Spartans remain undefeated with their last second win over state rival Wolverines.

The Third craziest came in the game with Florida State playing Georgia Tech in Atlanta and the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech secondary block a last minute field goal to seal the game, and then Tech returned the block FG for a TD that gave the Yellow Jackets the win and ended the undefeated season for the Seminoles. Thus the Tech Coach Johnson as his team rode the wrinkle of good luck in NCAA football.

The Fourth craziest ending came in the game with Ducks of Oregon playing the Sun Devils of Arizona State in a game that ended in the 3rd OT. A crazy game where the Sun Devils accumulated more than 700 yards and completed a crazy pass that a team needs to beat an Oregon team of the Pac-12 powerhouses. In this game the Ducks could not avoid the inevitable, but made a comeback and won the game 61-55 in 3rd OT.

At the start of the season the top picks in the Pac-12 were the Ducks and the Sun Devils in their divisions, then to come on such a controversial game with an unexpected ending that was fit for the insane with its implications on the Pac-12 and the 2015 season.

Then the 5th and our final crazy for October on Saturday the 10th came about as the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest played the Eagles of Boston College and the Deacons only managed offensively 125 yards and just 5 first downs in the 3-0 win. The Eagles of Boston College tried their best to overcome 4 turnovers in the game and 2 missed FG’s. The NCAA scoring point came late in the game as the Eagle offense lost a fumble on their own 5 yard marker, and then against the luck of the Eagles, the Demons made the short FG to acquire the only points in the game and the 3-0 win over the Eagles of Boston College.

In the last 2 minutes of the game with Wake leading 3-0, the Eagle on the drive for a TD or FG fumbled and the Demons recovered, then the Demons fumbled the ball right back in the red zone to the Eagles, and the Demons held the Eagles as time expired and took the 3-0 win.

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