Motor City Bowl Betting

Motor City Bowl betting fans have seen this event transform into an after thought on many college football betting fans minds to one of the more prestigious bowls in the land.

In years past, when the number of college football bowl betting opportunities was limited, the Motor City Bowl odds hardly registered on the radar.  But with new bowls popping up seemingly every day, the Motor City Bowl betting game has become one of the longest established second tier bowls in existence.

Motor City Bowl betting promoters don’t have an easy job, and so the simple fact that the Motor City Bowl odds are still around, is, in a way, quite a great achievement.  It might be difficult for bettors not familiar with the Motor City Bowl betting to believe, but this bowl has been around for over 20 years.  Yet still, many sports fans have likely never even heard about the Motor City Bowl betting.  It’s a shame, but it’s true.  So just what are the Motor City Bowl odds all about then?

First of all, you have to look at the name, Motor City Bowl betting, to get some kind of idea of what this bowl stands for.  As the name suggests, the Motor City Bowl betting game is held in Detroit, MI.  This is a very tough city to get people to visit any time of the year, but especially in December, hence the difficult job of the Motor City Bowl betting organizers.  Also, as the name suggests the Motor City Bowl betting is sponsored by the auto industry, namely Chrysler, Ford and GM.  In a related note, with the deep financial crisis being felt by this sector the 2008 edition of the Motor City Bowl betting could very well be the last year of this bowl, at least in it’s present format and sponsorship.

The Motor City Bowl betting competition is also played out in a dome, a bit unusual for college football but not unheard.  And even though Ford Field is a tremendous venue, it seems to take something away from the Motor City Bowl odds competition, the fact that it is played indoors.  When most people think of college bowl games, they think of warm sunny locales and that’s part of the reason why the Motor City Bowl betting flies under the radar.

But as off-putting as some of these traits might be to some bettors, the Motor City Bowl betting certainly has a very strong identity.  This game is as blue collar as it gets with the Big 10 Conference and the MAC sending teams.  These two workmanlike conferences personify what the Motor City Bowl betting is all about and are a perfect fit.

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