Mistakes in College Football Odds

Many college football betting gamblers allow influences such as the media, touts, or friends to influence their wagering versus college football lines.

College football odds are wagered on more successfully if you avoid making mistakes. There are certain unforgivable deadly sins that a gambler can avoid to immediately gain an edge versus the college football lines. College football odds will almost always have marquee teams favored more than they should be.

The deadly sin is for a gambler to make overlays. Big time or “name brand” teams such as Michigan, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Miami, Texas, and USC are, more often than not, going to be laying a lot of points as home favorites in college football lines. They are laying more in college football odds than they should and you must avoid betting these teams.

The second deadly sin when betting college football odds is to make reaches with bad teams. Just as overlays are horrible mistakes it is also just as bad to take a horrible team just because they are getting a lot of points in college football odds. True, they are getting big numbers from the college football odds makers to entice action their way and away from the chalk but those big numbers are also there for a reason, because the dog is just that, a stinking lousy dog. Always remember that there is no value in a loser versus college football odds.

Next, one of the worst sins that a gambler can commit when betting college football odds is to follow everyone else. The college football odds makers are fully aware of the “buzz” and public sentiment and adjust their college football lines accordingly as a result.

Another deadly college football betting sin is to not manage one’s gambling bankroll. It happens every week where a gambler will go 4-2 or 5-3 or 2-1 and still lose money wagering against college football odds. He loses money because he bet disproportionate amounts on the games and had too much laid out on the games that lost.

Lack of vision is another costly sin. Too many gamblers cannot see past the next play, let alone the weekend or the current game. Betting versus college football odds is a long three month-plus ordeal and only those with long term goals and outlooks are the ones who win over the course of the season.

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