Marmot Boca Raton Bowl Betting Odds – Toledo vs. Temple

November 25th, 2019 NCAA College Football Betting

Another 2015-16 NCAA Football Bowl game scheduled for this Tuesday the 22nd of December 2015 is the 2015 Marmot Boca Raton Bowl that features the 9-2 Toledo Rockets (Mac-West) playing the 10-3 Temple Owls (American-East) with the game being played at the FAU Stadium in Boca Raton, Florida with the kick-off scheduled for 7:05 PM ET and seen on ESPN TV.

The fans that Bet on College football always are looking for the early odds and in this case the Temple Owls are the early favorites at -1½ with the Over/under at 51 and -125 on the Money Line, while the underdog Toledo Rockets are at +1½ and +105 on the ML.

The Rockets have not had 10 wins since back in 2001, but they can accomplish that with a win in this Marmot Boca Raton Bowl. Both the Rockets and the Owl ended their season with a loss, so this game gives s one of two a chance to redeem them.

If you happen to be a fan of the 9-2 Toledo Rockets you must know that the team has a new coach in J. Candle who takes over for the resigned M. Campbell. Candle was the former OC and was promoted to the Head Coach to lead the team in this Bowl Game in Boca Raton, and what a way to start your first game at the helm. Since Candle is the new coach their will not be a change in how they play this ball game, as they will continue rushing the ball often, and playing a very tight game on defense.

Offensively the Rockets are led by their RB’s K. Hunt and T. Swanson whom both have had a good season as the team averaged some 214 yards rushing each game. RB Hunt was the leader with 10 touchdowns on 895 rushing yards and RB Swanson had 7 touchdowns in 875 yards rushing.

Since the Temple Owls have a strong defense, these RB’s for the Rockets will need to continue their top performances, as their passing game give them room to pick up the running game. Their QB P. Ely compliments the running backs as he has had decent season with his passing game and average 251 yards a game. In their last 3 games QB Ely has passed for 5 touchdowns and average 272 yards passing in each of the 3 games with only 1 interception.

Ely has played well of late, as he’s averaged 270.0 passing yards with five touchdowns and only one interception in the last three games. On defense the Rockets are playing well, as they rank 23rd in the FBS as their scoring defense allowed just 20.9 points each game and are 52nd in overall defense at 378.9 yards each game. In their ultimate 10 games they have won 8 and lost 2.

If you are a betting fan of the 10-3 Temple Owls, your team attempted to get an invite to 1 of the 6 Bowl Games on New Year’s Day, but after starting 7-0 then losing the last 3 games, their dreams went down the drain. Thus, they now have to be content playing the Toledo Rockets in Florida.

With Temple coming off a defeat to No 19 Houston in the ACC Title game on the 5th of December 24-13, so now they come to Florida to redeem themselves seeking a win over the Toledo Rockets. They feel confident since they have one of the nation’s top defenses, as this season they allowed opponents just 19 points a game and some 328 yards in offense.

However, with the strong running game of the Rockets they will have all they can handle of defense. Still with their leading LB T. Matakevich how won the nation’s top defense player award, he should be able to severely slow down the Rockets offensive endeavors.

Offensively the Owls will try to take advantage of the Rockets questionable pass defense. Even as the Rockets are also a top defensive team the stills struggle at times with their pass defense allowing some 264 yards each game in 2015. The Owls QB P. Walker this season passed for 19 touchdowns and 2,738 yards and with 7 intercepts. In this game he will target WR J. Thomas who to date has scored 17 touchdowns on 1,258 reception yards.

The sports betting prediction for this Boca Raton Bowl game sees the Toledo Rockets win a close game, while covering the spread with the Temple Owls 35-31.

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