Louiseville joins ACC with returning coach Petrino

With the 2014 NCAA Football starting soon, it is interesting to look at some of the latest changes taking place.  Louisville of the Atlantic Coast Conference, which ten years ago was a top ten team, and now as the Cardinals enter the ACC they have Bobby Petrino returning as their coach after his career was derailed some two years ago regarding a scandal.

Now their Coach Petrino who is 53, is out to prove his worthiness and he deserves a second chance with the school he abandoned to join the NFL.  He wants to prove to himself and all else that this was the correct decision.  When he first came to Louisville as the head coach back in 2003, it was his first head coaching position.  He led the Cardinals to a 41-9 record over his four seasons with the team and the team won the Orange Bowl after the finish of their 2006 season.

After some wild swings and a off-the field incident that was embarrassing, he left the Louisville coach stent to coach the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL in 2007 but before the season ended he left going to Arkansas as their head coach.  He was then fired in 2012 after a scandal that involved an accident with a motorcycle in which his mistress was a passenger.  During his tenure at Arkansas in the SEC Western Conference, he was 34-17 in his four years there.

After missing that he moved on to coach Western Kentucky this last 2013 season and the team went 8-4 and set a school record by making more than 5,502 total offensive yards for the season.  Then when Cardinals coach Charlie Strong left to coach at Texas replacing Mack Brown, Petrino was given the chance to return to Louisville to coach the Cardinals.

Now with the Louisville Cardinals moving into the Atlantic Coast Conference for the first time, this 2014 NCAA FB season, Petrino will be coaching a university program that is in one of the five power conferences.  Moreover, in a division that boasts Florida State, the reigning national champions, the returning Heisman Trophy winner James Winston of FSU and Clemson a BCX bowl game winner last season. 

He said the ACC conference reminds him a lot of the SEC West while he was at Arkansas.  He also stated that his players had not asked him about his past problems, and that he at team meetings, asked his players to talk about his mistakes and things he has accomplished so that they can learn from that.  His focus now is to coach the person as well as the player, and that is a big part of my coaching position at Louisville.

So sports fans, as you see some get a second chance, and the Cardinals could be a team to watch this season if you Bet on College football at your Offshore sportbook this 2014 season.

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