Laying Points in College Football Betting

College football betting is always more popular on favored teams than on underdogs.

That is the way it has always been and the way it will always be in NCAA football betting.  Sports betting gamblers simply want to take the better teams when making a college football bet.

College football betting may be more popular on favorites but that doesn’t mean it is more profitable.  You really have to pick and choose your spots intelligently in NCAA football betting when laying points.  One of the things that an observant college football betting gambler will pick up on right away is that traditional power or more popular teams are nearly always laying too many points as home chalks.  The combination of these teams’ name recognition coupled with the online sports betting masses preference for home chalks all add up to prices that are higher than actually justified or merited in college football betting.  Laying points at home is rarely the way to riches in college football betting.

It is quiet another story, however, when the popular traditional powers are laying points on the road in college football betting. In fact, such location changes actually transform these teams from laying too many points to solid values in many cases in NCAA football betting. The college football betting masses are far more hesitant to lay points on the road than with a home team, even if the value is better with the road chalk, and the college football betting oddsmakers are quite aware of this mentality and, thus, as a result, will offer lower and better prices to college football betting gamblers if they will take the value and make the lay on the road.

You can take favorites in college football betting but you need to know when to take them.  Playing favorites on the road is oftentimes a much better value in NCAA football betting at online sports betting sites.  Making a college football bet and laying big points with a home favorite is always risky and rarely profitable.  Laying points on the road though is oftentimes the way to go in college football betting at online sports betting sites.  Do yourself a favor this season with your college football betting and consider laying the points with some road teams instead of always laying the big points with home favorites against the college football odds at sports betting sites.

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