Is 2020 College Football Betting on the Brink

Is 2020 College Football Betting on the Brink?

As pro sports press ahead to resume play college football is starting to hesitate. Despite the “science and data” showing that the young and healthy rarely die from COVID-19. In fact, a college-age person is more likely to perish of a lightning strike. What is feared is that college football leaders care more about appearances than facts. Pro sports seem more acceptable to resume in a coronavirus world. However, “Student-athletes” are in a safer environment within their programs. Cause by constant medical care and testing. Correspondingly this College Football betting fact is getting lost in the noise.

2020 College Football National Championship Odds

Clemson Tigers +250
Ohio State Buckeyes +250
Alabama Crimson Tide +400
Georgia Bulldogs +1200
Florida Gators +1800
LSU Tigers +1800
Notre Dame Fighting Irish +2800
Oklahoma Sooners +3300
Texas Longhorns +4000
Auburn Tigers +5000
Oregon Ducks +5000
Penn State Nittany Lions+5000
USC Trojans +5000
Wisconsin Badgers+5000
All Other Teams+6600 or more

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SBG 2020 College Football Odds Overview

Assuming there is a season the same traditional power programs are online wagering favorites. Above all tradition remains the currency of college football. It remains an old rather than new money sport. Of great concern is that the conferences are starting to blink. They may go with an intra-league the only format. If they even play at all. Commencing with the end of July are announcements expected. One factor fans and gamblers can cling to are the billions of dollars at stake. Let’s now take a look at the lay of the land in the Power Five conferences.

MissiSoutheastern Conference Commissioner Waveringssippi

Last week SEC commissioner Greg Sankey claimed that “the direct reality is not good.” The SEC was considered the one conference that would never buckle. Perhaps he was playing to his ESPN radio audience. Sankey is spooked about the spike in positive test numbers. No league makes more money with a higher level of fan support than the SEC. On the whole, a cancelation won’t go over well in the Deep South. College football is a religion there.

Big Ten and Pac 12 Cut Interconference Action Off at the Pass

First to call off all interconference games was the Big Ten. This could cost payouts to Big Ten opponents by at least $22 million. Ohio State at Oregon and Wisconsin vs. Notre Dame from Green Bay, WI are among the lost matchups with the College Football odds. Following suit was the Pac 12 Conference with the same plan. League only games are the current plot. Lost in the shuffle was the high-profile USC vs. Alabama matchup from Arlington, Texas.

ACC and Big 12 Holding its Cards

So far, the Big 12 Conference is playing a non-committal type of strategy. Atlantic Coast Conference news is the same as the Big 12. Obviously the Big Ten and Pac 12 canceling non-conference games throw a wrench in the plans of other leagues.

Group of Five Gravely Financially Damaged

For Group of Five schools, games against the Power Five finance their entire athletic department programs. By having those games canceled the possibility exists of such programs eliminating non-revenue sports. In a similar way, even the Power Five schools face dire straits. Not even high revenue schools can pay for all of their sports if there are no sports. Also, at risk are the television partners who need to live content that draws ratings.

In sum, we are about to put the adage of “money talks” to the ultimate test.

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